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Venomverse #1 Clayton Crain ASM #361 Homage 25th Anniversary CBCS 9.8 (limited to 250) - PRESALE


Venomverse #1 Clayton Crain ASM #361 Homage 25th Anniversary CBCS 9.8 - PRESALE Free Shipping via USPS with tracking and signature required. Note: There will be zero non-graded (a.k.a. 'raw') copies, the only copies of this book will be the 250 CBCS graded and numbered copies. Venomverse #1 is scheduled to release on 9/6/2017 and return from grading mid-Oct 2017 Presale Notice: If for any reason the printer, publisher, or grading company are unable to fulfill this order a 100% refund will be issued and a $10 store credit given to the customer.

Check out Venomverse #1 Guaranteed 9.8 Limit to 250 copies

90s Comics - Facebook


If you loves 90s comics as much as us be sure to checkout our friends over at the 90s Comics on Facebook Each week they share those covers we all remember seeing at the comic shop, newsstands, and hopefully in our own longboxes. Check them out and you might even find an exclusive promo for ComicBurst hidden in their group posts.

90s Comics - Facebook

The Good Stuff - PBS Digital Studios


ComicBurst is proud to help support our friends over at The Good Stuff part of PBS Digital Studios. Check out their video looking into CERN's research of a new particle.

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Updated Aug 16th 2016

Currently we have 15,000+ comics available for purchase but there are so many more longboxes to go! We'll keep adding more each week but if you have a certain series or book you are looking for Contact Us and we will check for you.

DC Comics

A through R complete - Robin added


Marvel is fully inventoried!


Just got another 10 longboxes in, partly sorted and waiting to be entered into inventory

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All 100+ different publishers' books entered
100% Complete

Top Cow/Cross Over Publishers

On deck to be bagged, boarded, and sorted

Disney Characters

Gold Key, Whitman, Walt Disney's, Gladstone