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Comic Burst is a small business founded by two longtime comic lovers and one guy that somehow got mixed up with them and was too lazy to run screaming the other way. Our goal is to connect you to just the right comic. There is a world of comic back stock out there spread across the country, leaving the collector with a Herculean searching task. Comic Burst helps to sort through that sea of comics, making it easy to find that one issue to complete a set that only one small shop a thousand miles away has in stock, or a set that has already been put together and ready to read all the way through, or simply something different to perhaps spark a new interest.

Dr. No

Infamous Dr. No of Comic BurstNot much is known about Dr. No's early life: one day he simply emerged into society with a well-educated manner and a penchant for lecturing and saying no to everything. With a brooding look and facial hair his true motives are still not known, but assumed nefarious. With such clearly evil mastermind-like features, he could potentially be the child of some genius madman. Dr. Doom? Dr. Strange? Dr. Strangelove? Hard to say. What is known for sure is he has a unique, Amazonian amoeba that swims in his cranial fluid, enhancing his natural intelligence and granting him self-healing abilities. Dr. No brings a different perspective to the Comic Burst team, so he is tolerated with a watchful eye. Did we mention he says no a lot?


Mysterious Silhouette of Comic BurstSilhouette is a true mystery. Male or female? Superhuman, alien, or mutant? We truly do not know, but the current prevailing theory is he was bitten by a ghost that had been exposed to radioactive Z-rays while it was haunting a secret government facility. The important thing is we place tasks on our to-do list and Silhouette completes them. We are afraid of investigating further for fear he disappears and leaves the rest of us to do the hard work.

Dark Will

Unrelenting Dark Will of Comic BurstDark Will is something of a cross of Bruce Wayne and Green Lantern. Only without cosmic powers and the riches. Basically he overcame a meager early life and achieves amazing feats like dealing with those Dr. No and Silhouette jokers through sheer force of will and the inability to stop working. Remember the bus from the movie Speed? Well he was hit by it as a young man and so now he can't go at anything without full force. Often an asset, it sometimes is a liability, like when he needs to shake someone's hand and leaves a mangled pile of fingers in his wake. Dark Will, with his signature tuft of forehead hair leading the way, really keeps the place running while Dr. No and Silhouette go about their questionable purposes.

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