Action Comics Annual #12

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Publisher DC
Brand DC (swirl)
Condition VF/NM
Issue Number 12
Writer/Script Greg Rucka
Story Artist Pere P
Story Inks Pere P
Story Colors Mazi
Story Letters Rob Leigh
Cover Colors N/A
Cover Inks Renato Guedes (signed)
Cover Letters N/A
Cover Artist Renato Guedes (signed)
Story Characters Black Zero [Ursa; Ak-Var (intro, death); Tes Ak-Var (intro, death)] (intro); Thara Ak-Var [Flamebird]; Zor-El; Alura; Chris Kent [Nightwing]; Superman; Non; General Zod; Lois Lane (on monitor); Dev-Em, Hangman; Inferno; The Shield; The Web, Batgirl
Synopsis In the past on Krypton, Ursa leads the Black Zero unit as Kandor is being taken by Brainiac. Ak-Var and his wife Tes are a part of the unit, and concerned because their daughter Thara is there. They locate her as one of the people that Brainiac is rounding up into the middle of the city, but the unit is taken down. A wounded Ursa and Thara watch from opposite sides as a bottle is formed around the middle of the city, killing Thara's parents. Kandor is now in Brainiac's ship, but ignored until Argo City is later discovered in space, and its people, including Zor-El and Alura, are added to Kandor. As they knew Thara and they miss their daughter, they form a family. Years later, after Chris Kent has sacrificed himself into the Phantom Zone at the end of the Phantom Zone invasion of Earth, he undergoes an abnormal growth spurt. He returns to Fort Rozz, and hides there with the help of Non. Back in Kandor, Thara has joined the military guild, but then gets invited to join the religious guild, and becomes a monk. In Fort Rozz, Chris sneaks into Zod's lab, and sees Superman and Lois on a monitor, and tries to contact them using some Brainiac technology. Instead, it forms a painful connection between Chris and Thara. Chris is revealed by his pain. Thara can no longer be a monk, she returns to Zor-El and Alura, and has an obsession to go to the Phantom Zone and get Chris. She finally armors up and goes there, but is almost thwarted by Non. But he takes pity on them, and, having stolen the projector, projects them back to Kandor, and destroys the projector.
Dimensions Standard Modern Age U. S.
Print Date August 2009
Reprint? No
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