America vs. the Justice Society #1

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Publisher DC
Brand DC
Notes Double-Sized Issue Batman's diary is found and the history of the Justice Society of America is called into question.
Condition VF/NM
Issue Number 1
Writer/Script Roy Thomas, Roy Thomas; Dann Thomas (co-plotter), Roy Thomas; Dann Thomas (co-plotter),
Story Artist Jerry Ordway (signed), Rafael Kayanan; Rich Buckler (pp. 1, 4, 6-7); Jerry Ordway (p. 12), Rafael Kayanan, Everett Hibbard (original); Al Dellinges (recreation)
Story Inks Jerry Ordway (signed), Alfred Alcala; Bill Collins, Alfred Alcala, Everett Hibbard (original); Al Dellinges (recreation)
Story Colors Adrienne Roy, Adrienne Roy,
Story Letters typeset, David Cody Weiss, David Cody Weiss,
Story Characters Justice Society of America [Hawkman [Carter Hall]; Atom [Al Pratt]; Flash [Jay Garrick]; Wonder Woman [Diana Prince Trevor]; Green Lantern [Alan Scott]; Superman (of Earth-2); Batman (of Earth-2)], Justice Society of America [Wonder Woman [Diana Prince Trevor]; Spectre [Jim Corrigan]; Hawkman [Carter Hall]; Dr. Mid-Nite [Charles McNider]; The Atom [Al Pratt]; Green Lantern [Alan Scott]; Flash [Jay Garrick]; Starman [Ted Knight]; Dr. Fate [Nabu; Kent Nelson]; Sandman [Wesley Dodds]; Superman [Kal-L; Clark Kent]; Johnny Thunder; Hourman [Rex Tyler]; Wildcat [Ted Grant]; Robin [Dick Grayson]; Batman [Bruce Wayne] (of Earth-2); Thunderbolt; Black Canary [Dinah Drake]; Star-Spangled Kid; Power Girl; Huntress [Helena Wayne]]; Freedom Fighters [Black Condor]; Uncle Sam; Phantom Lady [Sandra Knight]; Plastic Man]; Harlequin [Molly Mayne]; Johnny Quick; Adolf Hitler; Valkyries; The King Bee; The Monster; The Psycho Pirate [Charles Halstead]; The Wizard; The Injustice Society of the World [The Gambler; The Brain Wave; Vandal Savage; Per Degaton; The Thinker; The Sportsmaster; Icicle; The Fiddler; The Huntress [Paula Brooks]]; Professor Damon Everson; Professor Malachi Zee; Dr. Wilfred Doome (unidentified); Dr. James Swanley (unidentified); Dr. Carter Nichols; James; Mr. Smythe; Franklin Roosevelt; Harry Hopkins; Professor Elwood P. Napier; Senator O'Fallon; Bill Jensen; Jimmy Olsen; Elvis Presley (cameo); Dwight Eisenhower (cameo); James Dean (cameo), Justice Society of America [Robin [Dick Grayson]; Atom [Al Pratt]; Flash [Jay Garrick]; Dr. Mid-Nite [Charles McNider]; Hourman [Rex Tyler]; Dr. Fate [Nabu; Kent Nelson]; Hawkman [Carter Hall]; Green Lantern [Alan Scott]; Wonder Woman [Diana Prince Trevor]; Wildcat [Ted Grant]; Johnny Thunder; Starman [Ted Knight]; Superman [Kal-L; Clark Kent]; Huntress [Helena Wayne]; Sandman [Wes Dodds]; Spectre [Jim Corrigan]]; Infinity Inc. [Star Spangled Kid; Jade; Obsidian; Silver Scarab; Fury [Lyta Trevor Hall]; Northwind; Nuklon]; Wilkins; A. K. O'Fallon; Commissioner Gordon; Smythe; Adolf Hitler; Franklin Roosevelt; Professor Malachi Zee; Professor Damon Everson; Dr. Wilfred Doome; Dr. James Swanley; Andrew Vinson; Senator Hoskins; Per Degaton; Wizard; Valkyries
Synopsis Superman tells the gathered JSA how Batman's old associate Dr. Nichols gave him Batman's diary and other evidence that accuses the Justice Society of secretly fighting for the Nazi cause from the group's formation in November 1940 through the end of the war, and of covering it up since then. But their meeting is interrupted when the JSA members are taken into custody, pending a congressional investigation. The Huntress takes on the defense of the JSA as attorney Helena Wayne. While she has the heroes tell their version of their first case, Dick Grayson, who is to be special legal counsel for the prosecution, meets his star witness, the Wizard.
Dimensions standard Modern Age US
Print Date January 1985
Reprint? No
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