Avengers/Invaders #12

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Publisher Marvel
Condition VF/NM
Issue Number 12
Writer/Script Alex Ross (plot); Jim Krueger (plot and script)
Story Artist Alex Ross (painted), Steve Sadowski; Jack Herbert
Story Inks Alex Ross (painted),
Story Colors Alex Ross (painted), Thomas Mason
Story Letters Typeset, Todd Klein
Story Characters Invaders [Captain America [Steve Rogers]; Sub-Mariner [Namor]; Human Torch; Bucky [James Buchanan Barnes]; Toro]; Avengers [Iron Man; Spider-Man; Ms. Marvel; Wasp; Wolverine; Spider-Woman; Luke Cage]; Miss America; Thin Man; Marvel Boy [Martin Burns]; Jack Frost; Falcon [Carl Burgess]; Citizen V; Vision [Aarkus]; Red Raven; Patriot; Mercury; Father Time; Whizzer; Angel; Destroyer; Black Marvel; Blue Diamond; The Fin; Captain Wonder; Young Avenger [Bill Bryon]; The Defender [Don Stevens]; Major Liberty [John Liberty], Invaders [Bucky [James Buchanan Barnes]; Toro; Captain America [Steve Rogers]; Human Torch; Sub-Mariner [Namor]; Union Jack; Spitfire]; Avengers [Spider-Woman [also as Silver Scorpion]; Iron Man [also as Electro]; Wolverine [also as Captain Terror]; Ms. Marvel [also as Black Widow]; Luke Cage [also as Black Avenger]; Spider-Man [also as Challenger]; Captain America [James Buchanan Barnes]; Wasp]; Black Panther [T'Chaka]; Paul Anselm (1943); Baron Blood; Master Man; U-Man; Warrior Woman; Iron Cross; Thor (1943); Red Skull [Johann Schmidt]; Cosmic Cube; Vision [Aarkus]; Whizzer [Bob Frank]; Black Marvel [Dan Lyons]; Destroyer; Blue Diamond; Dynaman; Jack Frost; Citizen V; Defender; Human Top [Davy Mitchell]; Captain Wings; Angel [Thomas Halloway]; Patriot [Jeff Mace]; Fiery Mask; Miss America; Red Raven; Dyna-Mite; Purple Mask [Dennis Burton]; Marvex the Super-Robot; Spirit of '76 [William Naslund]; Young Avenger [Bill Bryon]; Thunderer; Golden Girl [Gwenny Lou Sabuki]; Paul Anselm (2008); She-Hulk; Black Panther [T'Challa]; Ares; Sentry; Iron Fist; Dr. Strange; Wonder Man; Toro (reborn); Aarkus (2008)
Dimensions Standard Modern Age US
Print Date August 2009
Reprint? No
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