5 Questions & Comic - Long Live Pro Wrestling (Scout Comics)

If you love comic books and pro wrestling, Scout Comics has a brand new series that brings the drama of the squared circle to the printed page. With the inaugural release right around the corner, LLPW’s writer James Haick was kind enough to join us in launching our own new series Five Questions and a Comic. So check it out! If you don't, we are not responsible for what may happen when our new pro wrestler friends arrive at your door. Better keep reading just to be safe!

5 Questions & Comic - Long Live Pro Wrestling (Scout Comics)

QUESTION 1: What was the inspiration for Long Live Pro Wrestling?

ANSWER: I've been a wrestling fan since I was 8 years old. I'm a big fan of the classic pro wrestling years and I still love to read about the backstage politics of modern wrestling.

QUESTION 2: Are the characters in the series inspired by real life people? Or maybe wrestlers you were influenced by when you were younger?

ANSWER: Most of the characters were inspired by the “create a character” option from WWF War Zone for the original Playstation. My college roommates and I mastered this game and created our own video game wrestling federation from the characters we created. It was a hilarious time in my life and it brings back a lot of fond memories.

QUESTION 3: As the creator who do you identify with most in the story and why?

ANSWER: There are aspects of each character that I identify with. For example, the main character from Long Live Pro Wrestling, Evan, is a very loyal person, especially to his friends. I feel I am the same in that aspect.

QUESTION 4: Will this be an ongoing or limited run series?

ANSWER: Long Live Pro Wrestling is the introductory title in Scout's new Binge imprint. This imprint will be releasing issue #0's and #1's and then straight to trade paperback. Each title will be done in season formats and probably be ongoing based on sales and creators. LLPW will be an ongoing book.

QUESTION 5: Did you go to any wrestling shows or speak to any professional wrestlers in regards to helping with the creation of this book? If so, can you tell us who and a little about that experience?

ANSWER: I listen to A LOT of wrestling podcasts. Something To Wrestle with Bruce Prichard has been a huge and fantastic inspiration.

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Exclusive sneak peek preview of Long Live Pro Wrestling #0 from Scout Comics

Scout Comics Long Live Pro Wrestling #0 Preview

Scout Comics Long Live Pro Wrestling #0 Preview

Scout Comics Long Live Pro Wrestling #0 Preview

Scout Comics Long Live Pro Wrestling #0 Preview

Long Live Pro Wrestling #0 from Scout Comics is available in their online store: http://www.scoutcomics.com/store/long-live-pro-wrestling-0.


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