Scorpion Comics - Cosmic Ghost Rider Destroys Marvel History - 5 Questions & Comic Shop

Scorpion Comics has a wonderful history of exquisite exclusive covers, amazing customer service, and cutting edge ideas. Scorpion recently joined Comic Burst for another edition of our series Five Questions and a Comic Shop.

Comic Burst: Scorpion has a highly anticipated Cosmic Ghost Rider Destroys Marvel History #1 exclusive variant cover by Clayton Crain hitting shelves soon. Can you tell us a bit about this cover/exclusive?

Scorpion Comics: Thanks! That means a lot. We looooove Cosmic Ghost Rider and we feel that he is a character that a master like Clayton can truly bring to life. We chose to limit it to 600 virgins and 1000 trade dress despite the fact we print 1000 virgins and 3000 trade dress.

Scorpion Comics Ghost Rider Destroys Marvel History Clayton Crain Variant Covers

CB: You've recently implemented a new system of authenticating print runs and including certificates of authenticity. Can you tell us a bit about that?

SC: We have decided to make COAs and ship our books in mylites so our customers receive a top notch collectable. We found an excellent printer to make COAs and know some very talented graphic designers. We also felt this was the best way to truly limit the runs of our books and be as transparent as possible.

CB: Does Scorpion have any upcoming projects you would like to discuss? Are there any potential artist you will be working with, in regards to future exclusives?

SC: Oh my gosh yes! We have a Grim Knight #1 coming by Lucio Parrillo, two more Detective Comics 1000 projects to roll out and that is just for March. April has some awesome Marvel titles on the horizon that we think can create some amazing covers and exclusives. Our top three artists we love to put covers out with are Clayton Crain, Lucio Parrillo, and Gabrielle Dell’Otto. We are such fans of their work and constantly look for the right project to try to get them on!

Scorpion Comics Detective Comics #1000 Lucio Parrillo Variant Covers

CB: You have remained an online-only shop. What advantages do you believe that decision gives you in the marketplace?

SC: We think being an online seller is a big advantage because we truly are a unique, specialized company focused on one thing: selling our books and not everything else. We love to network with other stores and dealers and have gained many close business associates along the way.

Scorpion Comics Shredder in Hell Gabriele Dell'Otto Variant Covers

CB: Will Scorpion have a strong presence with cons this year?

SC: Sure, we start the year with C2E2 in March, Dallas Fan Expo and Megacon in May, Terrificon, Boston, NYCC, Baltimore, and Rhode Island. We still have a few others [in mind] and are looking into logistics. The good news is that Clayton Crain has become such a close friend of ours that we are excited to bring him to lots of these cons.

Scorpion Comics Spider-geddon #1 Lucio Parrillo Variant Covers


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