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With the gorgeous art seen in the new variant cover for Stanley Konopka's The Rejected, Gary Reed's Savants, Dirk Manning’s Tales of Mr. RHEE, Seth Damoose is a brilliant artist who is in very high demand. Today we discuss Seth’s past, present, and future within the wonderful world of the comic book industry.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Comic Burst: Were you a fan of comic books as a child? What made you decide to pursue comic books as a career?

Seth Damoose: I’ve always been a storyteller. Even as a little kid I would make up and then tell stories to anyone who would listen. From an early age I knew that I would spend the rest of my life telling stories in one way or another. Writing music and/or lyrics, acting, writing stories, coming up with and drawing characters. I was 12 years old when I decided that I was going to create comic books. I love the possibilities that comics present. There are no limits, anything is possible. That concept fascinates me still.

The Rejected #1 Seth Damoose Variant Cover
The Rejected #1 Seth Damoose Variant Cover

CB: With the massive amount of talent out there who would you say your favorite artist?

SD: Oh wow. There truly is loads of talented folks out there making great comics. I’m really enjoying what Daniel Warren Johnson is doing. So much energy in every line! I’m a fan of Riley Rossmo, Stuart Immonen, David Lafuente, Wilfredo Torres, Evan Shaner, K. Lynn Smith, Jay P. Fosgitt, Brian Level, and so many more. It really is a great time to be a fan of comics.

CB: What new work of yours can fans look forward to?

SD: Right now Savants #1 and #2 are finally in comic shops. This is the last story we get from Gary Reed. Savants is a 5 issue series about a young woman with extra mental powers. She and other young “special” people get collected by the government. Intrigue, espionage, super powered kids without total control, government conspiracies, family drama, that’s Savants. Also currently in previews is Floppy Cop, a police officer without a spine. Not to say he’s a coward, but he actually has no spine. Dan Dougherty, Milena Deneno, and I have put together a comedic caper about a cop who flops when he walks. Also out now is Tales of Mr. Rhee Vol. 4. This was originally a kickstarter exclusive trade paperback, but will now be available to everyone. This is a 200 page OGN about a paranormal troubleshooting human in a world being overtaken by demons. I have also provided an exclusive cover to the comic The Rejected, which is limited to C2E2.

Tales of Mr. RHEE Vol 4
Tales of Mr. RHEE Vol 4

CB: If you could draw any character, for any publisher, who would it be?

SD: If I had to pick, I would say Thor or the Silver Surfer. Thor and the Silver Surfer were the first comics and heroes I found on my own. They helped me fall in love with the genre and the medium. Jeffery Stevenson, Anthony D. Lee, and I even did a webcomic based on Thor and the other Norse Gods as kids called Brat-Halla. I have always liked the idea of the Silver Surfer in that he has all this power and no desire to use it. What a fascinating story to be told.

CB: Do you have any upcoming public appearances where fans can meet with you?

SD: Here is my show/appearance schedule for the year so far:
March 9-10 Fantasticon in Toledo, OH
March 22-24 C2E2 in Chicago, IL
March 30 Store signing at Seann’s Anime and Comic in Sylvania, OH
May 17-19 Motor City Comic Con Novi, MI
Memorial Day weekend C4 Traverse City, MI
November 8-10 Grand Rapids Comic Con Grand Rapids, MI

Savants #1
Savants #1


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