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Stanley Konopka, also known as “The Warrior Poet,” is a man with a lot of really amazing things to be proud of these days. Stan is a four time nominee for the SPACIE AWARDS, The Director of Artist Alley & Creator Relations for The Great Philadelphia Comic Con and most recently the creator/writer for the indie smash hit The Rejected. You aren't going to want to miss this edition of “Five Questions and a Comic”!

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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Comic Burst: You are the creator and writer of a deliciously dark and fun series The Rejected. For those readers who haven’t had the chance to read it, what is the world about?

SK: The Rejected are a bunch of harvested souls Mr. Teeth plans on using to his advantage to regain his demon status in hell. The Rejected live in the space between our world and the underworld, and their only goal is to gather enough souls to buy their way back into hell. Or so Mr. Teeth says... They are drawn by sorrow and sadness; to those who are in a dark place mentally. They influence these people and try to gather another willing soul.

The Rejected #1 Cover Art

CB: What served as the inspiration for the series, and when did you realize the idea had legs?

SK: This one is a little bit more difficult to explain. I have a young son who goes to the same school I went to when I was a kid. I’ve seen him bullied in the past as have I been in the past as well. When I wrote the first version of this script it was only supposed to be a warm up. I met Travis from Source Point Press and I pitched it to him. Much to my surprise he liked it and wanted more... 11 pages just wasn’t enough room to tell the story properly. So on I went to write the 53 page final script which Source Point Press approved and we went to print with a Motor City Comic Con Variant Cover. That weekend I sold all 100 books, that is when I saw my first glimpse of a possible future with this story and with these characters.

Source Point Press - Publisher for The Rejected and other horror themed comics

CB: How can fans get their hands on a copy of The Rejected? Where would you recommend future fans of the series get a copy to enjoy and no doubt praise to their friends?

SK: The second book “The Unwilling” will have a Debut Variant Cover by Sean Christopher Seal, as well as one LAST CON EXCLUSIVE of book one with an amazing new variant cover by Seth Damoose, both can be found along with me at C2E2 2019. Seth and I will be signing book one at The Awesome Minis booth #676 all weekend. The second installment of The Rejected will be available from Big Time Collectibles at C2E2 also.

CB: What can we expect for the future of The Rejected?

SK: Moving forward you can expect the series to get very dark. Book three will focus on the darkness within. With any luck there will be good sales and Source Point Press will want to do a collected version and or a hard cover. The second book is by far the darkest script I’ve written that has seen the light of day, and book three with be even darker and more unsettling. You can always find my work at the Source Point Press website.

CB: With comic book convention season almost upon us, where can fans find you this year?

SK: I will be doing so many conventions this year I assume I will be completely gray by 2020. Here’s a list of where you can find me this convention season!

  • C2E2
    March 22,23,24

  • Great Philadelphia Comic Con
    April 12,13,14

  • AwesomeCon
    April 26,27,28

    Beachead Comics Allentown Pa
    May 4th

  • Phillipsburg Comic Con
    May 11th

  • Motor City Comic Con
    May 17,18,19

  • Galaxy Con Richmond
    May 31-Jun 1

  • Niagara Falls Comic Con
    Jun 7-9

  • Wizard World Philadelphia
    June 13,14,15,16

  • Garden State Comic Fest
    Jun 29,30

  • Raleigh Comic Con
    July 25,26,27,28

  • Fan Expo Canada
    Aug 22,23,24,24

  • Baltimore Comic Con
    Oct 18-19-20

  • Underground Comic Con
    Nov 1

  • The Great Allentown Comic Con!
    Nov 23,24

  • Ocean City Comic Con
    Dec 14

Interior Preview of The Rejected #1


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