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Beastlands is set in a beautiful medieval fantasy world, where some people have these creatures known as "Keepers". In Beastlands you'll go on an adventure with a group of 3 teenage friends, Mac, Ava and Ping. They are on a journey to find out what Mac's father, an explorer, was trying to discover before he disappeared. Mac wants so badly to discover this, that he pushes his friends, Keeper and everything in between away. Over the journey, he will discover a kingdom where a tyrannical king has outlawed Keepers and ordered them to be executed, due to an incident between his Keeper and his daughter. Mac must try to rescue his Keeper and get his friends back while also trying to save all the Keepers in the Kingdom… and that's just scratching the surface!

Created and Written by Curtis Clow (The Wild Cosmos, Scout Publishing) and presenting Artist Jo MI-Gyeong.

Beastlands Writer Curtis Clow

"As a writer they say 'write what you know'. I adore writing high concept sci-fi and fantasy stories that immerse you into a whole new universe. This is so much more than that to me. This is a story about being a teenager and going after your purpose in life. Reaching and grasping, sometimes to a fault. This is a story about friendship - but also about owning, caring for and loving something more than yourself. This is a story about appreciating what you have, before it's too late." - Curtis Clow

Beastlands Artist Jo MI-Gyeong

"This was a great experience for me. I didn't just move the script into the page, I made it through communication. I believe that the world we have created has great potential!" - Jo MI-Gyeong

Advanced reviews-

ADVANCED REVIEW 5 out of 5 stars"delightful artwork results in this first issue of, "Beastlands," being a great read. ...I'd excitedly rate, "Beastlands," first issue with 5 out of 5 stars" - The Newest Rant

"Beastlands sets out an intriguing fantasy set up through gorgeous art that is certain to please!" - The Newest Rant

"Curtis Clow and Jo Mi-Gyeong's BEASTLANDS is a fantasy adventure that delivers on every level. Loaded with heart and action, this book is drop-dead gorgeous, and is a world I look forward to spending more time in." - Tyler James (ComixTribe, ComixLaunch)

Why Kickstarter?

"As a group of independent creators Kickstarter is a chance for us to self publish and produce this passion project. Sure, we'd love to have a publisher with us on this series someday. But right now, this is as raw as it gets. This is a group of friends making a comic for the love and passion of it. This is us trying to get our story out there, no matter what it takes . We've already put hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars into this project. We're doing this for the love of this story and the love of comics. A successful Kickstarter campaign will allow us to cover any more art costs, print the book, distribute the book, take it to conventions and hopefully continue the series of Beastlands!" - Curtis Clow

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