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Immortal Hulk #1-10 - Complete Cover Checklist

Introduced in Avengers #684, The Immortal Hulk gets his own series in this highly anticipated release from Marvel Comics. Issues #1-10 of The Immortal Hulk begins the story of a new Hulk, infected by something terrible that has him wreaking havoc across the MCU. In this first installation (released as a HC labeled Vol. 1), The Hulk is being hunted by pretty much everyone, from the US government, to the mighty Avengers! We’ve never seen a Hulk this dark and this dangerous before, crossing lines never seen before in other Hulk comics. With no regard for anything or anyone around him, The Immortal Hulk is a captivating story about the darkest side of Bruce Banner with some gorgeous cover art to go along with it.

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Black Cat #1 - Complete Cover Checklist

Felicia Hardy, known as Black Cat, will be making a huge impact on the Marvel universe this summer and fans are pumped! For the first time ever, the comic community will be able to see their favorite anti-hero/cat burglar/crime lord be featured in her very own ongoing series.. With writer Jed MacKay (Edge of Spider-Geddon, Infinity Wars: Infinity Warps, Man Without Fear) and artist Travel Foreman (Marvel Knights, Astonishing X-Men Annual, Tales of Suspense) leading the creative charge, fans can rest assured that their expectations will be exceeded with this power duo at the helm. Black Cat #1 hits shelves on June 5th, 2019 and to celebrate this milestone in comic history, fans can expect some stunning exclusive covers and limited variants. Be sure to check back in to stay up on our latest checklist for Black Cat #1 and other great comics!

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The Rejected #2 The Unwilling - Complete Cover Checklist

Stanley Konopka and Shawn Langley return with their wildly popular The Rejected: The Unwilling #2. That's right, Mr. Teeth is back with his special brand of horror, to the delight of the passionate and dedicated fanbase of the series. With very limited print runs and some well executed exclusive covers, collectors will not want to miss out on this highly anticipated chapter in one of the greatest series in indie comics. The Rejected: The Unwilling #2 is expected for release sometime in late 2019. Be sure to check back in for updates.

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The Rejected #1 - Complete Cover Checklist

The Rejected is a wonderful and terrifying series created and written by Stan Konopka, along with artist Corey Christian Anderson. The Rejected takes the reader into a world where the main character Billy lives a very rough, sad life. Abused, bullied, and treated poorly, Billy wishes for one thing more than anything: to belong to a family that cares about him. That very desperation and despair, however, is what calls something… special to Billy: The Rejected. Led by the offputting Mr. Teeth, they offer Billy protection and, above all else, a place to belong. A family to belong to, and one that comes the ability to take his revenge on anyone who has ever crossed him in a bad way. Will Billy seek out revenge on those who have wronged him? How will The Rejected come into play if he does seek out such retribution? These questions can only be answered within the pages of The Rejected. With an exclusive C2E2 cover coming and a very dedicated fan base, comic book fans will not want to miss a chance at picking up issue #1 and learning more about this unique and masterfully created series.

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Immortal Hulk #16 - Complete Cover Checklist

The Immortal Hulk has been enticing fans since issue #1 with a refreshing take on horror and the expectations from The Hulk. Writer Al Ewing (Crypt of Shadows, Avengers: No Road Home and Infinity Wars: Iron Hammer) and artists Joe Bennett (Teen Titans, The Savage Hawkman and Checkmate) and Ruy Jose (52, Birds of Prey and Blue Beetle) continue to bring fans one of the best told stories in The Hulk universe to date. On April 3, 2019 you can dig into the next chapter of The Immortal Hulk and see what all the hype is about!

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