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Curtis Clow - Beastlands Interview

Curtis Clow is absolutely on fire with the independent comic book scene this year. From his huge announcement that Scout will be publishing his series The Wild Cosmos, to running his own studio To Infinity Studios, and most recently his incredible success with Beastlands Kickstarter. With all this going on, Curtis is coming up in this business impressively fast. Enjoy a sneak peek into the mind of Curtis Clow and his amazing Beastlands project, as well as a few other tidbits!

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Stanley "Artgerm" Lau Talks East Meets West Art & Variant Covers

There are few people in the world that can claim success as a comic book artist, and even fewer that are fan favorites, with artwork featured on both DC and Marvel covers. Stanley Lau, alias Artgerm, is one such artist, respected by peers and fans alike. With iconic imagery of strong, powerful females and an extraordinary eye for detail, Stanley Lau is a force in the industry. Between Imaginary Friends Studios (his art studio), a t-shirt design business, and cranking out jaw-dropping variants for “The Big Two", Mr. Lau is an incredibly busy man. Luckily, Comic Burst's Nathan Liberty was given a rare and exciting opportunity to speak with the one and only Artgerm.

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Brian Pulido Talks Lady Death TV Show, Metal Music, Coffin Chaos and Comic Cons

Few comic book creators could be mistaken as a member of a heavy metal band, on stage thrashing to the screams of adoring fans. Brian Pulido, however, is one. As the creator of Lady Death, amongst many others, and owner/operator of Coffin Comics, Brian is more rock and roll than any of us could hope to be in our most fevered dreams. With an incredible energy that his loyal and die-hard fans find contagious, Brian has been killing it on the independent scene since the early 90s, especially with the long-lived character Lady Death. Today Coffin Comics’s success is evident in the rumors of a TV series for La Muerta and the many successful Kickstarter campaigns. Comic Burst’s Nathan Liberty was fortunate to find time on Brian’s schedule to discuss music, comics, and some exciting things to come.

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Stabbity Bunny Creator Richard Rivera Interview

Richard Rivera is the affable sort of guy you want to buy a beer for just to hear him spin a yarn. His engrossing approach to storytelling is evident in his breakout hit Stabbity Bunny, which is flying off the shelves. Despite its recent rise in popularity, Rivera has had to work hard to get to today, self-publishing Stabbity for several years and working directly with his fans through a grueling convention schedule. More recently Rivera has not slowed down his travel schedule, but he does have a strong partner via a publishing deal with indie darling Scout Comics. Amazing variants from up-and-coming studios like The Brain Trust have also helped create buzz for Richard’s work and fans have clearly decided to “make mine Stabbity!

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Q&A with the Amazingly Talented Artist Franck Uzan

Franck Uzan sounds like the superheroes he depicts in his art: the secret identity of a mild-mannered financial IT analyst by day giving way to, as he puts it, “avenging artist by night.”

Franck grew up in France, absorbing and gaining artistic inspiration from French versions of Marvel comics purchased by his brother. “As a child, I used to copy all the cool stuff I had an image to work from. I started with a famous french anime, The Smurfs, and later the serious stuff: comics.” He then graduated from The Smurfs to the highly-detailed Image comics of the 1990s. “Clearly an Image comics teen, my art is heavily 90's influenced, very detailed and dynamic.” Franck identifies the legendary Jim Lee, one of the original Image artists, as his greatest influence.

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