Curtis Clow - Beastlands Interview

Curtis Clow is absolutely on fire with the independent comic book scene this year. From his huge announcement that Scout will be publishing his series The Wild Cosmos, to running his own studio To Infinity Studios, and most recently his incredible success with Beastlands Kickstarter. With all this going on, Curtis is coming up in this business impressively fast. Enjoy a sneak peek into the mind of Curtis Clow and his amazing Beastlands project, as well as a few other tidbits!

Beastlands Comic Book Trailer for Beastlands Kickstarter

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Comic Burst: What drove you to pursue comics? Who inspired you?

Curtis Clow: I'm driven to comics by my love and passion of them. You definitely don't get into comics for hopes of financial success and it's a grind at the start. But I love it and hope I can do this for the rest of my life and that it'll pay off one day! My biggest influence would be Rick Remender. He's my favorite writer and he’s been around for a while now, always putting out interesting sci-fi and fantasy comics. I love the maturity of his comics mixed with these high concept settings and characters you can connect to. Another person would be Jason Brubaker. He's big in the self publishing scene and I've learned a ton from him. To get started in comics as a writer, you kind of have to start by just self publishing.

Beastlands cover art

CB: Your current projects Beastlands is currently doing very well. How did it feel to surpass your Kickstarter goal in just a few days? Where does the project go from here?

CC: Yeah I was surprised it met the goal so quickly. I thought that it'd do well, being what I think is the best thing I've made so far and I started preparing the Kickstarter page months before launching. But you just never know if something new will find an audience or not until you release it into the wild. For now I've pitched Beastlands to some of the bigger publishers. We definitely want to find a publisher, it's just a matter of when. For now we'll continue to Kickstart future issues and start pitching to some smaller creator-owned publishers. Artwork for issue 2 is already underway!

Beastlands Keeper Renzo

CB: Tell us a little bit about the Beastlands universe and what inspired it.

CC: I probably started thinking about the Beastlands universe about a year ago. Just some brainstorming here and there. But then I got serious about outlining it and writing the issues last fall once I found Jo (the artist). I grew up in the 90's so Pokemon was a huge part of my childhood. Beastlands has a lot of influence from Pokemon and even more recently from Game of Thrones. I also finally got a dog of my own in my mid twenties, and Beastlands is also influenced a lot by my experience of owning and caring for a pet.

Beastlands creators Curtis Clow (writer), Jo Mi-Gyeong (artist) Toben Raciot (letterer)

CB: How did you and artist Jo Mi-Gyeong come together for this project?

Name: This is Jo's first comic. I saw her art on social media and just had to reach out to her to see if she would want to collaborate on a comic together. I thought she'd be the perfect fit for Beastlands. She had done some fan art sequential pages, so I incorrectly thought she worked in comics before. She was a little hesitant at first, but now I think she's really happy she decided to give comics a try! She's one of the most hardworking and talented artists that I've ever worked with. I hope we continue to collaborate on many more comics!


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