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Detective Comics #1027 - Complete Cover Checklist

It was 1939, and the concept of a superhero in the sense of what we know today was still very new. Superman, the first costumed and superpowered comic hero, had just been introduced to the world in ’38 and the readers were hungry for more stories of the fantastic. Enter Bill Finger and Bob Kane, who co-created the Batman, and unleashed the Caped Crusader on the world in the landmark Detective Comics #27. To say that Batman’s first appearance is a key issue is one of the great understatements one could ever make about comic books. Easily the most commercially successful character to ever enter the comic pop culture lexicon, Batman has become a household name over these nearly 9 decades. As a member of comic book royalty there was no question that DC, and the various LCS’, would pull out all of the stops for the 1000th issue of Detective Comics as a Batman novella. In Detective Comics #1027, a 144-page giant-sized release, we’re going to be treated to over 50 variant covers by over a dozen of the best artists in the business, and stories written by some of the best writers to ever put pen to paper.

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