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Dark Knight III (DK 3) The Master Race #1 - Complete Cover Checklist

After the success of The Dark Knight Returns, and its sequel, The Dark Knight Strike Again… DC completes the trilogy with the epic 9-part Dark Knight III: Master Race.

Written by Frank Miller & Brian Azzarello, this mini-series explores the world of Batman 3 years after the events of DK:SA. Bruce Wayne is nowhere to be found since the deaths of Lex Luthor & Dick Grayson/ Joker, and all of Batman’s allies have withdrawn from the never-ending battle against evil and injustice…

That is, until Ray Palmer restores 1,000 Kandorians to their full-size and they begin to terrorize the Earth, with the intent of claiming the planet as their own. This “Master Race” proves to be such an incredible threat to mankind that it takes the combined powers of the World’s Mightiest Heroes to prevent them from completing their diabolical goal… but there’s only one man who can end this assault… and that one man is Batman. Can this mortal man, years past his prime, be humanity’s savior? Pick up Dark Knight III: Master Race to find out!

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