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Superior Spider-man #1 (2018) - Complete Cover Checklist

Otto Octavius returns to once again prove that he is the superior superhero in Superior Spider-Man #1. The series will take place following the events of DEATH NO MORE and SECRET WARS and will once again see what happens when Otto--supervillain and Spider-Man foe--finds redemption in a completely shocking and groundbreaking way. With the amazing writing of Christos Gage and the art of the talented Mike Hawthorne, fans everywhere are completely abuzz with excitement for the return of the “Superior one.” What happens when a supervillain’s consciousness is placed in a perfect clone of Peter Parker (Spider-Man) and given a fresh start? Check out Superior Spider-Man #1 when it hits shelves on December 26th, 2018 to find out!

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Captain Marvel #1 (2019) - Complete Cover Checklist

Creator Kelly Thompson, along with artist Carmen Carnero, will be continuing the incredible adventures of Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel, marking 50 years since the character’s introduction. The fan favorite will be finding her way back to New York City to reconnect with old friends like Iron Man and her best friend Spider-Woman. You can count on some out-of-this-world adventures along with a bit of romance to round it all off, making an amazing story. Captain Marvel #1 will be hitting shelves on January 9th, 2019.

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Uncanny X-men #1 (2018) - Complete Cover Checklist

The Uncanny X-Men return in a new weekly, 10-part series, ominously titled “Disassembled.” Fans will not want to miss how creative team Matthew Rosenberg, Kelly Thompson, Ed Brisson, Mahmud Asrar, R.B. Silva, Yildiray Cinar and Pete Perez will take everyone’s favorite mutants into a whole new and refreshing realm. Expect a mind blowing cover from artist Leinil Francis Yu in his signature style. Uncanny X-Men #1 will hit shelves on November 14th.

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Thanos Legacy #1 Complete Cover Checklist

The man who is taking the comic world by storm, Donny Cates, returns to fill in the storyline blanks of everyone’s favorite mad titan: Thanos. What happened between the events of “Thanos Wins” and “Infinity Wars!”? “Thanos Legacy #1” will explore this timeline and features cover art by Geoff Shaw. Look for it to hit stores on September 5, 2018.

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Spider-geddon Complete Series Variant Cover Checklist

Hitting shelves on September 7th, Marvel's new Spider-Geddon #0 will be making quite the impression with longtime Spidey fans and first time readers alike. Written by Christos Gage and Dan Slott, with art and cover by Jorge Molina, you can expect some major surprises, from new villains to shocking returns. How will this all work out for our web-slinging friend?

Expect jaw dropping covers from artists such as John Tyler Christopher, Mark Bagley, Clayton Crain, and many more.

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Death of Wolverine Tie-Ins Complete Cover Checklist

Being so much more to the world than just a guy with claws and an attitude, the effects of Wolverine's death were felt far and wide. The Death of Wolverine “tie ins" explores the pieces his death left behind, and the people who had to pick them up. Being a father, a friend, and a man loved by many, Wolverine’s death ran deep with many characters in the Marvel Universe, including his fellow X-Men, Daken, Deadpool, Captain America, Mystique, and so many more.

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Death of Wolverine #1-4 Complete Cover Checklist

Wolverine has lost his crucial healing factor thanks to a virus he picked up in the Microverse. Earth’s greatest minds, including Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic), vow to find a cure, but Wolverine being, well, Wolverine, accepts accepts that it is lost and moves forward. Although still incredibly deadly, the Wolverine will have to deal with foes from his past and a bounty out on his head while being more vulnerable than ever. Created by Charles Soule with art by Steve McNiven, The Death of Wolverine mini-series carries heavy consequences for not only Wolverine, but the entire Marvel Universe.

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