Seth Damoose - 5 Questions & Creator

With the gorgeous art seen in the new variant cover for Stanley Konopka's The Rejected, Gary Reed's Savants, Dirk Manning’s Tales of Mr. RHEE, Seth Damoose is a brilliant artist who is in very high demand. Today we discuss Seth’s past, present, and future within the wonderful world of the comic book industry.

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Comics in the Classroom - Interview with Nicole Jobin

Like all teachers, Nicole Jobin spends her days growing young minds of today to make for a better tomorrow. Unlike most teachers, she does it in a way special to us all: through comic books. Nicole is the creator and lifeblood behind Comics in the Classroom, a unique and wonderful method of teaching children how to read, comprehend, and analyze the lessons that can be found in our favorite stories.

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Beastlands #1 - Press Release + Comic Book Trailer

Beastlands is set in a beautiful medieval fantasy world, where some people have these creatures known as "Keepers". In Beastlands you'll go on an adventure with a group of 3 teenage friends, Mac, Ava and Ping. They are on a journey to find out what Mac's father, an explorer, was trying to discover before he disappeared. Mac wants so badly to discover this, that he pushes his friends, Keeper and everything in between away. Over the journey, he will discover a kingdom where a tyrannical king has outlawed Keepers and ordered them to be executed, due to an incident between his Keeper and his daughter. Mac must try to rescue his Keeper and get his friends back while also trying to save all the Keepers in the Kingdom… and that's just scratching the surface!

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