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Collecting comic books is as common today as baseball card collecting was in the mid 70’s and 80’s. People from all walks of life, all over the globe, come together and connect over this incredible hobby.

An important aspect of collecting is knowing what your collection--especially that gem that is your pride and joy--is worth. Searching around, it is not hard to find vendors claiming to have the most “current data” and “accurate assessments” around. But how do we know who and which price guide has the most relevant information? Today we also expect a lot more of our guides, not simply a price lookup. They need to have interesting content, a convenient site to navigate, and a collection tracking system to keep up on its value. Not to mention so much more that has become not only expected of a price guide site, but mandatory as well.

Enter with the realization that the community had a desire for a “next level” approach: real-time data to keep up on changing trends and values within a digital collection. Comic Burst recently spoke with John Sulaitis and Matt DeVoe, co-owners of CovrPrice, to discuss how their up-and-coming comic book price guide will change the way people think about price guides.

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Spider-geddon Complete Series Variant Cover Checklist

Hitting shelves on September 7th, Marvel's new Spider-Geddon #0 will be making quite the impression with longtime Spidey fans and first time readers alike. Written by Christos Gage and Dan Slott, with art and cover by Jorge Molina, you can expect some major surprises, from new villains to shocking returns. How will this all work out for our web-slinging friend?

Expect jaw dropping covers from artists such as John Tyler Christopher, Mark Bagley, Clayton Crain, and many more.

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Halo Cert. Comic Book Grading Interview

Grading has become one of the best ways to encapsulate a collector's favorite books along with identifying and preserving its value. For some collectors it is so much more than just a plastic case with a number on it. Rather, it is an opportunity to mark a comic as unique, forming a more personal relationship for the collector.

Grant Adey, owner and operator of Halo Certifications of Australia, is dedicated to creating unique graded slabs. Comic Burst had the exciting opportunity of being the first American company to interview hi. We hope you enjoy reading as much as we did producing.

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Batman / The Maxx: Arkham Dreams #1-5 Complete Cover Checklist

IDW and DC Comics will be celebrating the upcoming 25th anniversary of The Maxx with a crossover to end all crossovers. Sam Kieth returns after a 10+ year hiatus as artist for the huge Batman/The Maxx: Arkham Dreams event. The series will be a five issue mini-series with cover art by Sam Keith, Jim Lee, and many more. Be on the lookout for this year’s most anticipated and craziest return on September 19, 2018.

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Stranger Things #1-4 Complete Cover Checklist

Eisner and Ringo awards winner Jody Houser will be taking creative lead for the Stranger Things comic, which tells the story of Will Byers and his unseen adventures in the Upside Down. It is based on the first season of the ridiculously popular Netflix series by the same name, and it is a pretty safe bet that this will be one of the hottest books hitting shelves this fall. Look for it on September 26, 2018.

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Hunt for Wolverine #1 Complete Cover Checklist

Exploring the events that lead to the inevitable return of Wolverine, Charles Soule returns for the middle installment of his Wolverine saga. This time the main “one shot” explores the backstory of the return of everyone's favorite Adamantium-infused mutant, with the main storyline driven ahead by the tie-ins.

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Death of Wolverine Tie-Ins Complete Cover Checklist

Being so much more to the world than just a guy with claws and an attitude, the effects of Wolverine's death were felt far and wide. The Death of Wolverine “tie ins" explores the pieces his death left behind, and the people who had to pick them up. Being a father, a friend, and a man loved by many, Wolverine’s death ran deep with many characters in the Marvel Universe, including his fellow X-Men, Daken, Deadpool, Captain America, Mystique, and so many more.

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Death of Wolverine #1-4 Complete Cover Checklist

Wolverine has lost his crucial healing factor thanks to a virus he picked up in the Microverse. Earth’s greatest minds, including Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic), vow to find a cure, but Wolverine being, well, Wolverine, accepts accepts that it is lost and moves forward. Although still incredibly deadly, the Wolverine will have to deal with foes from his past and a bounty out on his head while being more vulnerable than ever. Created by Charles Soule with art by Steve McNiven, The Death of Wolverine mini-series carries heavy consequences for not only Wolverine, but the entire Marvel Universe.

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