Bongo Comics Free-For-All! #[2015]

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Publisher Bongo
Brand Bongo Comics
Condition VF/NM
Issue Number [2015]
Writer/Script Ian Boothby (credited), Heather Nuhfer (credited), Bill Morrison (credited), David Seidman (credited), Shane Houghton (credited), Terry Delegeane (credited)
Story Artist James Lloyd (credited), Nina Matsumoto (credited), Bill Morrison (credited), Mike Seidman (credited), Jacob Chabot (credited), Jason Ho (credited), Jason Ho (credited)
Story Inks James Lloyd (credited), Andrew Pepoy (credited), Bill Morrison (credited), Mike Seidman (credited), Jacob Chabot (credited), Mike Rote (credited), Mike Rote (credited)
Story Colors Art Villanueva (credited), Nathan Hamill (credited), Art Villanueva (credited), Nathan Hamill (credited), Art Villanueva (credited), Nathan Hamill (credited), Nathan Kane (credited)
Story Letters typeset, Karen Bates (credited), Karen Bates (credited), Karen Bates (credited), Karen Bates (credited), Karen Bates (credited), Karen Bates (credited)
Cover Colors N/A
Cover Inks N/A
Cover Letters N/A
Cover Artist N/A
Story Characters Turanga Leela, Dr. Robert Underdunk Terwilliger [Sideshow Bob]; Dr. Julius Hibbert; unnamed nurse, Lisa Simpson; Bart Simpson; Kent Brockman; Nelson Muntz; Otto Mann; Ned Flanders; Dr. Julius Hibbert; Moe Szyslak; William "Willie" MacDougal; Sherri Mackleberry; Terri Mackleberry; Comic Book Guy [Jeff Albertson]; Gil Gunderson; Professor John Frink; Apu Nahasapeemapetilon; Milhouse Van Houten; Lenny Leonard; Carl Carlson; Principal Seymour Skinner; Homer Simpson; Egyptian gods, Comic Book Guy [Jeff Albertson]; Cloris Clane; Evan; Shane; Turanga Leela (on a t-shirt), Homer Simpson; Marge Simpson; Lisa Simpson; Maggie Simpson (cameo); Santa's Little Helper (cameo); Snowball II (cameo), Bart Simpson; Professor John Frink; Mr. Nibblets (guinea pig); Milhouse Van Houten; Wendell Borton; Lewis Clark; Richard; Sherri Mackleberry; Terri Mackleberry;
Synopsis Leela is posed with two rayguns. Bob takes an apple from a fruit cart on the street, the rest of the apples fall, he trips on them, and a pile of watermelons then falls and flattens him. Lisa daydreams she was a successful pharaoh of ancient Egypt, until the gods decide she was too arrogant...but was it a daydream or remembrance of history Jeff meets Cloris through and they go to a comics convention together. He dumps her when he discovers she is a Bongo Comics fan. Homer attempts to fix a hole in the roof and of course destroys the roof. Bart steals some hair tonic from the professor, spreads it among all his classmates and makes a lot of trouble when the newly hairy guys prove more popular with the girls than he is. In the end, Principal Skinner and Willie settle things in a way that humiliates Bart. In answer to a reader's question, Kang and Kodos relate how they dealt with their younger sibling Klondar (she was delicious). The kids line up against some other kids to fight about comic books.
Dimensions standard Modern Age U.S.
Print Date [May] 2015
Reprint? No
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