Avengers vs. X-Men #12

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Publisher Marvel
Brand Marvel (white on red)
Condition VF/NM
Issue Number 12
Writer/Script N/A
Story Artist Adam Kubert
Story Inks John Dell; Mark Morales; Adam Kubert
Story Colors Laura Martin; Justin Ponsor
Story Letters Chris Eliopoulos
Cover Colors Justin Ponsor
Cover Inks Mark Morales
Cover Letters N/A
Cover Artist Jim Cheung
Story Characters Captain America; Iron Man, Avengers [Beast; Black Panther (cameo); Black Widow; Luke Cage; Captain American; Captain Britain; Doctor Strange; Giant-Man [Henry "Hank" Pym]; Hawkeye; Hulk; Iron Fist; Iron Man; Ms. Marvel; Red Hulk; Scarlet Witch; Spider-Man; Spider-Woman [Jessica Drew]; Thing; Thor; Wolverine]; Cyclops; Jia Jing (introduction); Nova [Sam Alexander]; X-Men [Angel; Gambit; Havok; Iceman; Magneto (cameo); Pixie [Megan Gwynn]; Rogue; Stepford Cuckoos [Celeste Cuckoo; Irma "Mindee" Cuckoo; Phoebe Cuckoo]; Storm; Hope Summers]
Synopsis Iron Man tells Cap that he has gone for breast cancer testing. Cyclops has become Dark Phoenix but the Scarlet Witch and Hope combine their powers and drive the Phoenix force from his body. Hope takes the Phoenix into herself and begins flying around the world undoing much of the damage done by the Phoenix possessed X-Men. Then she and the Scarlet Witch do away with the power of the Phoenix forever. Cyclops is arrested for his crimes but is jubilant about the fact that new mutants have once again started appearing on Earth. Cap decides to form a new Avengers made up of both mutant and non-mutant heroes. Story recap, credits and a current roster of both teams.
Dimensions Standard Modern Age US
Print Date December 2012
Reprint? No
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