All-Star Comics #70

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Publisher DC
Brand DC (bullet)
Condition VF
Series or Volume Number 14
Issue Number 70
Writer/Script E. Nelson Bridwell Paul Levitz, Paul Levitz
Story Artist Al Milgrom (signed), Curt Swan, Joe Staton
Story Inks Jack Abel (signed), Vince Colletta, Bob Layton
Story Colors Tatjana Wood, Jerry Serpe
Story Letters Ben Oda, Ben Oda, typeset
Cover Colors N/A
Cover Inks N/A
Cover Letters N/A
Cover Artist N/A
Story Characters Justice Society of America [Wildcat [Ted Grant]; Star-Spangled Kid; Flash [Jay Garrick] (inset); Green Lantern [Alan Scott] (inset); Dr. Fate (inset)]; Huntress [Helena Wayne], The Penguin; police officers; cuckoo clock robbers, Justice Society of America [Superman (Earth-2, cameo); Hourman [Rex Tyler] (cameo); Dr. Mid-Nite (cameo); Star-Spangled Kid; Batman [Bruce Wayne](Earth-2, cameo as Gotham Police Commissioner); Power Girl; Hawkman [Carter Hall]; Starman [Ted Knight] (cameo); Flash [Jay Garrick]; Green Lantern [Alan Scott]; Robin (Earth-2, cameo); Wildcat [Ted Grant]; Wonder Woman (Earth-2, cameo); Dr. Fate [Kent Nelson; Nabu]; The Spectre [Jim Corrigan] (cameo as Gotham Police Inspector)]; Strike Force (villains); Inza Nelson (cameo); Huntress [Helena Wayne]
Synopsis The Penguin controls some cuckoo clocks and has them stealing money, but the police entice the clocks to stop using Hostess Fruit Pies, and they capture The Penguin. As the briefly reunited Jsaers go their separate ways, Huntress and Wildcat are left alone in hq, as she learns that he knows her true secret identity. However, they are interrupted when Star Spangled Kid sends out a distress call as he's fighting a new foe: Strike Force, and no one else has answered the call due to personal reasons. To Be Continued...
Dimensions Standard Modern Age U. S.
Print Date January-February 1978
Reprint? No
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