Secret Wars II #7

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Publisher Marvel
Brand Marvel (black, no background)
Condition VG
Series or Volume Number 1
Issue Number 7
Writer/Script Jim Shooter,
Story Artist Al Milgrom (signed), Al Milgrom,
Story Inks Steve Leialoha (signed), Steve Leialoha,
Story Colors Julianna Ferriter,
Story Letters Joe Rosen; [as FRIENDS],
Cover Colors N/A
Cover Inks N/A
Cover Letters N/A
Cover Artist N/A
Story Characters the Abomination; the Absorbing Man; Baron Mordo; the Beyonder; Blastaar; the Blob; Crimson Dynamo; Diablo; Dr. Doom; Dr. Octopus; Electro; the Enchantress; the Executioner; the Grim Reaper; the Hobgoblin; the Juggernaut; Kang; Kraven the Hunter; Modok; Ultron; the Vulture, the Abomination; the Absorbing Man; Baron Mordo; the Beyonder; Blastaar; Death; Diablo; Dr. Doom; Dr. Octopus; Ed Strunk; Electro; Eternity; the Thing; Graviton; the Hobgoblin; the Juggernaut; Kang; Kraven the Hunter; Mephisto; the Molecule Man; Rhino; Silver Samurai; Titania; Ultron; Vanisher; Volcana; Vulture; the Wizard; White Queen [Emma Frost]; the Wrecker; CAMEOS: Alicia Masters (vision); Celestial; Chaos; Daniel Grimm (Ben Grimm's father, vision); Eon; Galactus; the Gardener; the In-Betweener; the Invisible Woman (vision); the Living Tribunal; the New Mutants [Cannonball; Sunspot; Wolfsbane [Rahne Sinclair]]; Order; Spider-Man; Streczletski (Ben Grimm's coach, vision); X-Men [Colossus; Magneto; Nightcrawler; Phoenix [Rachel Summers]; Rogue; Shadowcat [Kitty Pryde]; Wolverine]; CAMEO FLASHBACK: Captain America [Steve Rogers]; Cyclops; the Hulk; Mr. Fantastic; the Human Torch; She-Hulk; West Coast Avengers [Hawkeye; Iron Man [Tony Stark]; Mockingbird; Wonder Man; Tigra]; Klaw; the Lizard; the Enchantress, J. Jonah Jameson; Spider-Man
Synopsis Baffled by his time on Earth, the Beyonder finds a deserted island and simply sits down to think. Even there, people take notice of him and begin to form a "thinking" cult based around his example. The Thing, who is shooting a movie on a nearby island, is disgusted by it all. After a series of visions (courtesy of Mephisto), he swims out to beat up on the Beyonder. Instead, he ends up protecting the Beyonder from an army of villains who have been sent to take him out and unintentionally thwarts Mephisto's plans of using a portion of the Beyonder's own power to defeat him.
Dimensions Standard Modern Age U.S.
Print Date January 1986
Reprint? No
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