X-Men Annual #15

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Publisher Marvel
Brand Marvel Comics
Notes spine fold
Condition FN
Series or Volume Number 1
Issue Number 15
Writer/Script Fabian Nicieza, Len Kaminski, Len Kaminski, Fabian Nicieza
Story Artist Mike Mignola (signed), Tom Raney, Ernie Stiner, Kirk Jarvinen, Jerry DeCaire
Story Inks Mike Mignola (signed), Joe Rubinstein; Art Nichols [as & co.]; [as & co.], Don Hudson, Brad Vancata, Joe Rubinstein
Story Colors Brad Vancata, Kevin Tinsley, Brad Vancata, Mike Thomas
Story Letters Joe Rosen, Joe Rosen, Mike Heisler, Joe Rosen
Cover Colors N/A
Cover Inks N/A
Cover Letters N/A
Cover Artist N/A
Story Characters Moira MacTaggert; Multiple Man; Polaris; Siryn; Legion; Piecemeal; Harness, Muir Isle X-Men [Moira MacTaggert; Multiple Man; Siryn; Polaris; Legion]; GUESTS: X-Force [Cable; Domino; Cannonball; Boom Boom [Tabitha Smith]; Shatterstar; Feral; Warpath]; New Warriors [Namorita; Marvel Boy [Vance Astro]; Chord; Night Thrasher; Silhouette; Speedball; Firestar; Nova [Richard Rider]]; VILLAINS: Piecemeal; Harness; Gideon; Toad; Proteus; Shadow King; CAMEO FLASHBACK: Wolverine; Colossus; CAMEO: Alysande Stuart, Mojo; GUEST: Major Domo; CAMEOS: X-Men [Professor X; Cyclops; Jean Grey; Angel; Iceman; Beast; Havok; Polaris; Storm; Wolverine; Nightcrawler; Colossus; Thunderbird; Banshee; Sunfire; Kitty Pryde; Longshot; Psylocke; Forge; Gambit]; New Mutants [Cannonball; Sunspot; Dani Moonstar; Wolfsbane [Rahne Sinclair]; Magik [Illyana Rasputin]; Magma; Warlock]; Excalibur [Captain Britain; Meggan; Phoenix [Rachel Summers]]; X-Force [Cable; Domino; Warpath; Boom Boom [Tabitha Smith]; Shatterstar]; Rusty Collins; Skids; Artie; Leech; Brotherhood of Evil Mutants [Magneto; Scarlet Witch; Toad; Mastermind]; Sabretooth; Vertigo; Riptide; The Brood, Wolverine, Freedom Force [Blob; Pyro; Crimson Commando; Avalanche; Super Sabre]; VILLAINS: Desert Sword [Arabian Knight; The Veil; Aminedi; Sirocco; Black Raazer]
Synopsis The X-Men, X-Force and New Warriors fail to keep Piecemeal from merging with Proteus. Mojo reviews the origins and history of the X-Men. Wolverine battles his adamantium skeleton.
Dimensions standard Modern Age US
Print Date 1991
Reprint? No
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