X-Men: The Early Years #7

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Publisher Marvel
Notes spine tics
Condition FN
Issue Number 7
Writer/Script Stan Lee
Story Artist Mike Parobeck, Jack Kirby, Jack Kirby
Story Inks Keith Champagne, Chic Stone, Chic Stone
Story Colors Evelyn Stein, Evelyn Stein
Story Letters Typeset, Artie Simek, Typeset
Story Characters Cyclops; Marvel Girl [Jean Grey]; Angel; Iceman; Beast; Blob, FEATURE: X-Men--Professor X; Cyclops; Marvel Girl [Jean Grey]; Angel; Iceman; Beast; GUEST: Zelda; VILLAINS: Blob; Brotherhood of Evil Mutants--Magneto; Quicksilver; Scarlet Witch; Mastermind; Toad, Cyclops; Marvel Girl [Jean Grey]; Angel; Iceman; Beast; Magneto; Quicksilver; Scarlet Witch; Mastermind; Toad; Blob
Synopsis The X-Men graduate from Xavier's school and the Professor tells them that he is taking a leave of absence; He puts Cyclops in charge while he is away and shows him his new mutant detecting machine, Cerebro; Magneto tracks down the Blob and invites him to join the Brotherhood; During a scuffle, Xavier's mental blocks dissolve and Blob remembers the secret of the X-Men; As this happens, the Blob's name lights up on Cerebro and Scott calls the X-Men away from a day of relaxation and back to battle with the evil mutants; During the battle with the Brotherhood, Magneto shoots missiles at the X-Men, even though the Blob is in the line of fire, and the hefty mutant, feeling betrayed, decides to return to carnival life.
Dimensions Standard Modern Age U. S.
Print Date November 1994
Reprint? No
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