FF #1

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Publisher Marvel
Brand Marvel (white on red)
Notes spine tics
Condition FN
Issue Number 1
Writer/Script Jonathan Hickman, Jonathan Hickman, Jonathan Hickman, Stan Lee
Story Artist Daniel Acuna (painted), Steve Epting, Steve Epting, Jack Kirby, Marko Djurdjevic (painted)
Story Inks Daniel Acuna (painted), Steve Epting; Rick Magyar, Steve Epting Chic Stone, Marko Djurdjevic (painted)
Story Colors Daniel Acuna (painted), Paul Mounts, Steve Epting Marko Djurdjevic (painted)
Story Letters typeset, typeset, Rus Wooton; Virtual Calligraphy, typeset
Cover Colors N/A
Cover Inks N/A
Cover Letters N/A
Cover Artist N/A
Story Characters Dr. Doom, Valeria Richards; Alex Power; Bentley 23; Dragon Man; Artie Maddicks; Wu; Vii; Mik; Korr; Turg; Tong, Reed Richards; Sue Richards; Ben Grimm; Peter Parker; Franklin Richards; Valeria Richards; Nathaniel Richards; Leech; Victor Von Doom, AIM; Dr. Forson; Dr. Jema; Future Foundation [Mister Fantastic; the Thing; Invisible Woman; Spider-Man; Nathaniel Richards; Dragon Man; Franklin Richards; Alex Power; Wu; Vii; Mik; Korr; Turg; Tong; Valeria Richards; Bentley 23; Artie Maddicks; Leech; Victor Von Doom]; Wizard, FF [Mister Fantastic; Invisible Woman; the Thing; Spider-Man]; Valeria Richards; Franklin Richards, The Frightful Four [Medusa; Paste Pot Pete; Sandman; Wizard]; Fantastic Four [Mr. Fantastic; The Thing; The Human Torch [Johnny Storm]; Invisible Girl [Sue Storm]], Mr. Fantastic; the Thing; Spider-Man; Invisible Woman
Synopsis An advertisement for America's Milk Processors promoting milk consumption featuring basketball player Chris Bosh. An advertisement for www.gamefly.com video game rentals. An in-house promotional advertisement for FF (Marvel, 2011 series) #2. An illustration of the members of the Future Foundation with the list of members. An illustration of the members of the extended Richards family. An in-house promotional advertisement for Journey Into Mystery (Marvel, 2011 series) #622. An in-house promotional advertisement for Fear Itself (Marvel, 2011 series) #1. An advertisement for Trion Worlds' computer game, "Rift." An in-house promotional advertisement for Might Thor, The (Marvel, 2011 series) #1. An advertisement for Square Enix's computer game, "Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation." An in-house promotional advertisement for Ultimate Avengers vs. New Ultimates (Marvel, 2011 series) #3. An in-house promotional advertisement for Amazing Spider-Man, The (Marvel, 1999 series) #659. An in-house promotional advertisement for Uncanny X-Men (Marvel, 1981 series) #535-536. An advertisement for 80sTees.com Spider-Man joins the Future Foundation. AIM breaks the Wizard out of his prison. Dr. Doom arrives. An advertisement for Nissan North American's "Juke" automobile.
Dimensions Standard Modern Age US
Print Date May 2011
Reprint? No
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