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Looking for some incredible mutant action in your CB Club subscription? Well, look no further! Comic Burst has you covered with its brand new X-Family subscription! You will receive twelve action packed issues a month with 100% FREE SHIPPING included. You can expect some of the greatest mutants and X-Men of all time. Characters that will be included with the X-Family subscription are:

  • Angel / Warren Worthington III
  • Beast / Henry McCoy
  • Bishop
  • Colossus / Piotr Rasputin
  • Cyclops / Scott Summers
  • Emma Frost
  • Gambit / Remy LeBeau
  • Iceman / Bobby Drake
  • Jean Grey / Phoenix / Marvel Girl
  • Jubilee
  • Kitty Pryde / Shadowcat
  • Professor X / Charles Xavier
  • Psylocke / Betsy Braddock
  • Rogue
  • Storm / Ororo Munroe
  • Wolverine / James "Logan" Howlett

So what are you waiting for? Start your monthly subscription and become part of the X-Family!

Orders are processed on the first of each month and ship within one week.

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Have no fear, your monthly delivery is guaranteed* to have unique comics each time. That’s right, no duplicates from past shipments! How do we do it? Well Dr. No and Silhouette will start rambling about proprietary algorithms, or it could be Dark Will’s vast comic knowledge… we aren’t really sure. But that is not what matters, it is that you get comics with your most beloved characters each month.

With the CB Club we have put the power of CHOICE, into the monthly subscription world, revolutionizing the way the comic book community collects favorite characters!

*Report any duplicate comics from your most recent shipment and receive your next CB Club shipment for free

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