Conditions & Grades

Here at Comic Burst we use two scales for assessing comic books we offer for sale in the marketplace.

Conditions (ungraded)

Many of the comics sold on this site will not be officially graded by the authorities on grading, such as CBCS, CGC, and PGX. In this case we provide an estimate on the condition, which will be listed as the comic's Condition. If we notice any comic damage while handling, this will be noted in the comic description. Remember, the Condition is an estimate of the state of the comic and should not be considered a grade.

To maintain consistency, we use a similar Condition scale as that used for grading by CBCS Comics.

  • Near Mint/Mint (10.0 - 9.0)
  • Very Fine/Near Mint (9.0 - 7.5)
  • Fine (7.0 - 5.5)
  • Very Good (5.0 - 3.5)
  • Good (3.0 - 2.0)
  • Fair (1.5 - 1.0)
  • Poor (0.1 - 0.5)

Near Mint (NM) - Mint(MN)

The comic has no visible defects at all.

Very Fine (VF) - Near Mint (NM)

The comic has some very minor issues but appears to have been stored properly and looks new

  • Slight stress on the spine.
  • Staples are clean with no rust.
  • Very minor color chips or flakes may be allowed.
  • The cover is flat with no surface wear.
  • Inks are bright and highly reflective.
  • Only some binding and/or printing defects allowed.
  • Paper is supple and like new.
  • Spine is tight and flat.

Fine (FN)

Comic shows some wear from handling but is still desirable

  • Could possibly have one major defect such as a piece out of the cover or more than minor sized tear.
  • Spine could have stress lines on the spine and creases from the opening and closing of the cover.
  • Light rolling is possible but not to the point of affecting the displayability of the comic.
  • Minor cover discoloration, fading in colors and soiling is possible.
  • Cover and/or inside pages could have some tears and/or folds.
  • Pages and inside covers could be brownish but not brittle.

Very Good (VG)

Comic shows moderate wear but still has visual appeal

  • The comic is complete, but may have major creases and spine roll.
  • Cover gloss may be very low
  • Books in this grade are almost always creased, scuffed, abraded and soiled, but readable.
  • Existing tape on comic may be acceptable

Good (GD)

Comic has major defects but is still complete and readable

  • Comic has significant wear
  • The inside paper quality might not be good and pieces of the pages may be missing.
  • Comic may have creases, scuffs, abrades, and/or soiled spots but is still readable.
  • Pieces may be missing from the cover.
  • Long or many spine splits are possible.
  • Book may be fragile.

Fair (FR)

Comic maintains story and art but otherwise has many issues

  • Heavy creases and folds are prevalent.
  • Paper quality may be very low.
  • The spine and/or cover may be completely split.
  • Staples may be missing.
  • Coupons cut from cover and or inside pages. Panels can be clipped out.
  • Parts of the front cover may be missing.
  • Soiling, staining, tears, markings or chunks missing will interfere with reading.
  • Paper may be very brittle.

Poor (PR)

comic has almost no collectability value at this point unless it is exceedingly rare

  • Cover or interior pages may be missing
  • Severe stains and abrasions
  • Heavy defacing with paints, varnishes, glues, oil, indelible markers or dyes, etc.
  • The inside pages can have extreme brittleness.

Grades (officially graded books)

Only officially graded books display a numerical grade. These grades range from 0 through 10.0. Grades are assigned to a comic by a professional grading authority such as Comic Book Certification Service (CBCS),Certified Guaranty Company Comics (CGC), Professional Grading eXperts (PGX).


Unless specified otherwise comics may be newsstand or direct editions. If you are looking for a specific edition type please Contact Us

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