DCU Heroes Secret Files #1

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Publisher DC
Brand DC
Condition VF/NM
Issue Number 1
Writer/Script D. Curtis Johnson, D. Curtis Johnson, Matt Brady, Matt Brady, Dan Abnett; Andy Lanning, Dan Abnett; Andy Lanning, Matt Brady, Matt Brady, Alan Grant, John Francis Moore, Matt Brady, Matt Brady, Geoff Johns, Matt Brady, Keith Giffen, Alan Grant, Alan Grant
Story Artist Bryan Hitch, Adam DeKraker, Derec Aucoin, J. H. Williams, Tom Mandrake, John McCrea, Jackson Guice [as Butch Guice], Gary Erskine, Peter Krause, Greg Luzniak, Greg Luzniak, Paul Guinan, Dusty Abell, Sergio Cariello, Lee Moder, Georges Jeanty, Mike McKone,
Story Inks Paul Neary, Rich Faber, Claude St. Aubin, Mick Gray, Tom Mandrake, John McCrea, Jackson Guice [as Butch Guice], Gary Erskine, Jerry Ordway, Mark Propst, Mark Propst, Steve Leialoha, Dusty Abell, Danny Miki, Dan Davis, Jason Martin, Mark McKenna, Norm Brey
Story Colors Tom McCraw; Digital Chameleon (Separations), Tom McCraw; Digital Chameleon (Separations), Digital Chameleon, Lee Loughridge; Digital Chameleon (Separations), Tom McCraw; Digital Chameleon (Separations), Tom McCraw; Digital Chameleon (Separations), Tom McC
Story Letters Ken Bruzenak, Typeset, Typeset, Typeset, Typeset, Annie Parkhouse, Typeset, Typeset, Bill Oakley, Typeset, Typeset, Typeset, Typeset, Typeset, Typeset, Typeset, John Costanza, Typeset, Bob Lappan, Typeset, Clem Robins, Typeset, Ken Lopez, Typeset, Bill Oa
Story Characters Doctor Fate [Nabu]; Captain Marvel [Billy Batson]; J'onn J'onzz; Hitman [Tommy Monaghan]; Blue Beetle [Ted Kord]; Lobo; Resurrection Man [Mitchell Shelley], Arsenal [Roy Harper]; Chronos [Walker Gabriel]; Flash [John Fox]; Star-Spangled Kid [Courtney Whitmore]; Starman [Ted Knight]; Superman, Cameron Chase; J'onn J'onzz; Blue Beetle [Ted Kord]; Captain Marvel [Billy Batson]; Wildcat [Ted Grant]; Director Bones; Resurrection Man [Mitchell Shelley]; Sentinel [Alan Scott]; Anarchy [Lonnie Machin]; Body Doubles; Hitman [Tommy Monaghan]; The Word, Cameron Chase; Cameos - Acro-Bat; Director Bones; Doctor Trap, J'Onn J'Onzz, Hitman [Tommy Monaghan]; Six-pack, Resurrection Man [Mitchell Shelley], Mister Dewitt; Mister Fangle; Resurrection Man [Mitchell Shelley], Captain Marvel [Billy Batson], Lobo, Lobo; The Great Carlini, Chronos [Walker Gabriel]; Cameos - Alexandra; Fiorella di Ravenna; Gravesend, Doctor Fate [Nabu]; Phantom Stranger; Deadman [Boston Brand]; Zatanna; Demon; Jason Blood, Wildcat [Ted Grant], Star Spangled Kid [Sylvester Pemberton]; Stripsey [Pat Dugan]; Star Spangled Kid [Courtney Whitmore]; S.T.R.I.P.E. [Pat Dugan], Atom [Ray Palmer], Vext, Anarky [Lonnie Machin], Anarky [Lonnie Machin]; Capital Eagle, Blue Beetle [Ted Kord]; Captain Atom [Nathaniel Adam]; Judomaster [Rip Jagger]; Nightshade [Eve Eden]; Peacemaker [Mitchell Black]; The Question [Vic Sage]; Sarge Steel, Vext, Lex Luthor; Cameos - Ambush Bug; Atom [Ray Palmer]; Black Lightning [Jefferson Pierce]; Flash [Wally West]; Green Lantern [Kyle Rayner]; Inferno; Robotman [Cliff Steel]; Mary Marvel [Mary Batson]; Plastic Man; Superman, Arsenal [Roy Harper]; Chronos [Walker Gabriel]; Flash [John Fox]; Star-Spangled Kid [Courtney Whitmore]; Starman [Ted Knight]; Superman, Captain Marvel [Billy Batson]; Wildcat [Ted Grant]
Synopsis Map of the D.E.O. headquarters. Timeline of the DC Universe. Page out of Courtney's yearbook. [inside front] Star Wars: Rogue Squadron (game); [8-9] Oddworld: Abe's Exodus; [13] Junco; [19] The Faculty; [29] The Faculty Sweepstakes; [33] Roller Jam; [34-35] Squaresoft; [36] 15 Days of Bond (tv); [44] Assault Retribution (game); [53] Star Wars: Droidworks (games); [63] The Legend od Zelda: Ocarina of Time; [inside back] Superman: The New Superman Adventures (game); [back] Gap
Dimensions Standard Modern Age U.S.
Print Date February 1999
Reprint? No
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