History of the DC Universe #1

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Publisher DC
Brand DC
Notes spine fold
Condition FN
Issue Number 1
Writer/Script Marv Wolfman,
Story Artist George P
Story Inks Karl Kesel, Karl Kesel, Karl Kesel (illo)
Story Colors Tom Ziuko, Tom Ziuko
Story Letters typeset, typeset
Story Characters Darkseid; Uncle Sam; Solovar; Superman (in rocket); Amazing-Man [Will Everett]; Atom [Al Pratt]; Sargon (obscured); Demon; Hour-Man; Blackhawks [Andre; Chop-Chop]; Black Condor [Richard Grey, Jr.]; Demons Three [Abnegazar; Rath; Ghast]; Jonah Hex; Hawkman [Carter Hall]; Starfire; Dr. Occult, Harbinger; Krona; Manhunters; Green Lantern Corps; Guardians of the Universe; Controllers; Psions; Demons Three [Abnegazar; Rath; Ghast]; Pariah; Destiny; Vandal Savage; Immortal Man; Anthro; Kong; Garn Daanuth; Arion; Lady Chian; Wyynde; Warlord; Shazam; Black Adam; Titans of Myth [Hyperion; Crius; Oceanus; Coeus; Iapetus; Cronus; Thea; Rhea; Mnemosyne; Phoebe; Tethys; Themis]; Zeus; Highfather; Darkseid; X'hal; Auron; Nimbus; Heracles; Hippolyte; Golden Gladiator; Blackbriar Thorn; Shining Knight; Silent Knight; Demon; Arak; Viking Prince; Azrael; Citrina; Spider Guild; Solovar; Black Pirate; Andrew Bennett; Grim Ghost; Captain Fear; Miss Liberty; Tomahawk; Dan Hunter; Don Caballero; Firehair; Jonah Hex; El Papagayo; El Diablo; Bat Lash; Scalphunter; Super Chief; Pow Wow Smith; Cinnamon; Trigger Twins; Johnny Thunder; Madame .44; Strong Bow; Balloon Buster; Enemy Ace; Brother Blood; Dr. Occult; Green Lantern [Abin Sur]; Lara; Jor-El; Superman (in his rocket); Adolph Hitler; Zatara; Crimson Avenger [Lee Travis]; Wing; Hop Harrigan; Sandman [Wesley Dodds]; Doll Man [Darrell Dane]; Steel [Henry Heywood]; Flash [Jay Garrick]; Hawkman [Carter Hall]; Hawkgirl [Shiera Hall]; Spectre [Jim Corrigan]; Johnny Thunder; Thunderbolt; Hourman [Rex Tyler]; Black Condor [Richard Grey, Jr.]; Atom [Al Pratt]; Dr. Fate [Kent Nelson]; Green Lantern [Alan Scott]; Justice Society of America; Starman [Ted Knight]; Dr. Mid-Nite [Charles McNider]; Injustice Gang of America [Solomon Grundy; Brain Wave; Sportsmaster; Tigress; Gambler; Per Degaton; Thinker; Vandal Savage; Harlequin; Fiddler; Wizard; Icicle; Shade]; All-Star Squadron [Sandy; Air Wave [Larry Jordan]; Mr. America [Tex Thompson]; Manhunter [Paul Kirk]; Vigilante [Greg Sanders]; Mr. Terrific [Terry Sloane]; Guardian [Jim Harper]; Judomaster; Manhunter [Dan Richards]; Amazing-Man [Will Everett]; Liberty Belle [Libby Lawrence]; Plastic Man [Eel O'Brian]; Tarantula; Robotman [Robert Crane]; Star-Spangled Kid [Sylvester Pemberton]; Stripesy; Whip; Johnny Quick [Johnny Chambers]; Jester; TNT; Dan, the Dyna-Mite; Wildcat [Ted Grant]; Midnight; Alias the Spider]; Blackhawks [Bart Hawk; Olaf; Andre; Chuck; Hendrickson; Stanislaus; Chop-Chop]; Sgt. Rock; Iron Major; Freedom Fighters [Invisible Hood; Miss America [Joan Dale]; Captain Triumph; Neon the Unknown; Red Bee [Rick Raleigh]; Ray [Happy Terrill]; Firebrand [Rod Reilly]; Human Bomb [Roy Lincoln]; Phantom Lady [Sandra Knight]], Harbinger
Synopsis Harbinger records the significant events in the DC Universe from the dawn of time up to World War II.
Dimensions Standard Modern Age U.S.
Print Date 1986
Reprint? No
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