How We Ship Comics

It is a tragedy for a comic to suffer damage due to poor shipping. You ordered that comic you have been waiting ages to find, not a ball of crumpled paper right? To that end, all comics sold directly by Comic Burst, LLC are carefully packed and shipped with the best of care. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee what the shipper will do with it once out of our hands, but we take every precaution in protecting your purchase. If something goes horribly wrong please contact us and we will do our best to make it right.

Your comic(s) will be lovingly bagged & boarded, placed in a Gemini Comic Flash Mailer or USPS flat rate box for bulk orders, blessed to the best of our ability, and blown a goodbye kiss when the shipper takes it away. Each Gemini Comic Flash Mailer holds up to 12 current sized bagged & boarded comics and USPS flat rate box holds up to 50 current sized bagged & boarded comics. Both box types are shipped via USPS. Because we are a (very) small business, we currently ship all orders once a week on Tuesdays, with a second end-week shipment based on order volume. In the future we plan to add to our shipping abilities, please bear with us for now! If you have a critical need for something to be shipped right away, please Contact Us directly and we will try our best to accommodate.

Note that comics sold by third parties on the are not subject to these principles of loving care. Please report any issues you have with a seller to Comic Burst because sellers that experience frequent (legitimate) customer complaints will be removed from the site.

Gemini Comic Flash Mailer
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