Incredible Hulk #607

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Publisher Marvel
Brand Marvel
Condition VF
Issue Number 607
Writer/Script Mark Paniccia, Greg Pak,
Story Artist John Romita Jr. (signed), Various, Paul Pelletier, Various, John Romita Jr.
Story Inks Klaus Janson (signed), Various, Danny Miki, Various, Klaus Janson
Story Colors Dean White (signed), Various, Frank D'armata; Guru eFX, Various, Dean White
Story Letters Typeset, Typeset, Typeset, Simon Bowland, Typeset
Story Characters Bruce Banner; Skaar; Spider-Man [Peter Parker]; Wolverine [James Howlett], Red She-Hulk [Elizabeth Talbot Ross-Banner]; Leader [Samuel Sterns]; M.O.D.O.K.; Samson [Leonard Samson]; She-Hulk [Jennifer "Jen" Walters], Doctor Doom; Intelligencia [Leader [Samuel Sterns]; MODOK [George Tarleton]]; AIM; Avengers [Wasp [Henry Pym]; Amadeus Cho; Quicksilver; Spider-Man [Peter Parker]; Vision; Stature [Cassie Lang]; U.S. Agent [John Walker]; Wolverine [James Howlett]; Ronin [Clint Barton]; Mockingbird; Black Widow [Natasha Romanoff]; Ms. Marvel [Carol Danvers]; Photon [Monica Rambeau]; War Machine [James Rhodes]; Captain America [James Barnes]; Thor]; Red She-Hulk [Betty Ross]; Bruce Banner; Skaar; Korg; A-Bomb [Rick Jones]; Sub-Mariner [Namor]; Glenn Talbot LMD, Bruce Banner; Skaar; Red She-Hulk [Elizabeth Talbot Ross-Banner]; Leader [Samuel Sterns]; Red Hulk [Thaddeus E. Ross], Skaar; Red She-Hulk [Elizabeth Talbot Ross-Banner]
Synopsis Wasp tries to outthink the Intelligencia, but they diminish his intelligence and Red She-Hulk captures him. Bruce appeals to many of the Avengers for help, pleading in particular with those who had lost loved ones because he believes Betty Ross is being held prisoner by the Intel. Bruce and his hand-picked team set after the Intel.
Dimensions standard Modern Age US
Print Date April 2010
Reprint? No
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