Last Days of the Justice Society Special #1

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Publisher DC
Brand DC
Condition VF/NM
Issue Number 1
Writer/Script Roy Thomas, Roy Thomas; Dann Thomas (co-plotter), Gardner Fox,
Story Artist David Ross (signed), David Ross, Martin Naydel, Jack Burnley, Michael Bair
Story Inks Mike Gustovich (signed), Mike Gustovich, Martin Naydel, Jack Burnley; All Dellinges (re-inking), Michael Bair
Story Colors Carl Gafford,
Story Letters typeset, David Cody Weiss,
Story Characters Justice Society of America [Superman (Earth-2); Batman (Earth-2); Wonder Woman (Earth-2); Green Lantern [Alan Scott]; Wildcat [Ted Grant]; Starman [Ted Knight]; Dr. Fate [Kent Nelson] (younger version minus full helmet); Power Girl [Kara Starr]; Star Spangled Kid [Sylvester Pemberton]; Spectre [Jim Corrigan]; Hawkman [Carter Hall]; Dr. Fate [Kent Nelson; Nabu] (older version)], Adolf Hitler (death); Albert Speer; President Truman; Martin Bormann; Eva Braun Hitler (death); Joseph Goebbels; Justice Society of America [Dr. Mid-Nite [Charles McNider]; Hourman [Rex Tyler]; Green Lantern [Alan Scott]; Flash [Jay Garrick]; Hawkman [Carter Hall]; Power Girl [Kara Starr]; Dr. Fate [Kent Nelson, Nabu]; Sandman [Wesley Dodds]; Atom [Al Pratt]; Starman [Ted Knight]; Johnny Thunder; Sandy the Golden Boy [Sandy Hawkins]; Hawkgirl [Shiera Hall]; Star-Spangled Kid [Sylvester Pemberton]; Spectre [Jim Corrigan]; Batman [Bruce Wayne]; Superman [Kal-L]; Wildcat [Ted Grant]; Mr. Terrific [Terry Sloan]; Robin [Richard Grayson]; Huntress [Helena Wayne]; Wonder Woman [Diana Prince Trevor]]; Infinity Inc. [Northwind [Norda Cantrell]; Jade [Jennie-Lynn Hayden]; Nuklon [Albert Rothstein]; Fury [Lyta Trevor]; Silver Scarab [Hector Hall]; Obsidian [Todd Rice]; Brainwave [Henry King Jr.; Dr. Midnight [Dr. Beth Chapman]; Wildcat [Yolanda Montez]; Hourman [Rick Tyler]]; Garm; Fenris; Surtur; Midgard Serpent; Heimdall [Starman]; Thor [Green Lantern]; Odin [Hawkman]; Frey [Flash]; Loki; Catwoman [Selina Kyle Wayne] (flashback); Lois Lane - Kent (flashback); Superboy (flashback); Steve Trevor (flashback); Batman [Bruce Wayne] (Earth-One) (cameo); Superman (Earth-One) (cameo); Robin [Richard Grayson] (Earth-One) (cameo); Hawkman (Earth-One) (cameo); Hawkwoman (cameo); Metamorpho (cameo); Geo-Force (cameo); Black Lighning (cameo); Katana (cameo); Halo (cameo); Question (cameo); Uncle Sam (cameo); Blue Beetle (cameo); Plastic Man (cameo); Nightshade (cameo); Captain Atom (cameo); Vigilante (cameo); Blue Devil (cameo); Green Lantern [John Stewart] (cameo); Martian Manhunter (cameo); Firestorm (cameo); Black Canary (cameo); Sandman (cameo); Starfire (cameo); Wonder Girl (cameo); Nightwing (cameo); Jericho (cameo); Changeling (cameo); Cyborg (cameo); Captain Marvel [Billy Batson] (cameo); Mary Marvel (cameo); Jonni Thunder (in thunderbolt form) (cameo); Atom (cameo), Justice Society of America [Flash [Jay Garrick]; Hawkman [Carter Hall]; Dr. Mid-Nite [Dr. Charles McNider]; Atom [Al Pratt]; Green Lantern [Alan Scott]; Johnny Thunder], Justice Society of America [Hawkman [Carter Hall]; Dr. Mid-Nite [Dr. Charles McNider]; Atom [Al Pratt]; Spectre [Jim Corrigan]; Wonder Woman [Diana Prince]; Dr. Fate [Kent Nelson]; Sandman [Wesley Dodds]; Johnny Thunder; Starman [Ted Knight]], Justice Society of America [Starman [Ted Knight]; Spectre [Jim Corrigan]; Wonder Woman [Diana Prince Trevor]; Hawkman [Carter Hall]; Dr. Fate [Kent Nelson, Nabu]; Flash [Jay Garrick]; Dr. Mid-Nite [Dr. Charles McNider]; Green Lantern [Alan Scott]; Atom [Al Pratt]; Hourman [Rick Tyler]]
Synopsis A two page description of why this special was done and what inspired it. While grieving for their dead and adjusting to the new single universe, the JSA are summoned by the Spectre. They journey to Asgard to stop Ragnarok from destroying the single Earth... a Ragnarok summoned by Hitler in 1945 while possessing the Spear of Destiny due to the Spectre's energies reaching backward in time to the Spear itself. The JSA (minus Power Girl, Dr. Fate, and Star Spangled Kid who are returned to the present by Fate) then merge with the Asgardian gods and fight a never-ending battle (like a moebius strip), thus thwarting Hitler's ultimate revenge vs the allies in 1945.
Dimensions standard Modern Age US
Print Date 1986
Reprint? No
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