Satan's Six #1

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Publisher Topps
Brand Topps Comics
Notes spine tics/creases
Condition VG
Series or Volume Number 1
Issue Number 1
Writer/Script Tony Isabella, Jack Kirby, Batton Lash, Dwight Jon Zimmerman, Jim Salicrup
Story Artist Jack Kirby (signed), John Cleary, Jack Kirby, Batton Lash
Story Inks Todd McFarlane (signed), Armando Gil, Mike Royer (pages 5, 8, 15-16,18, 20); Frank Miller (page 6); Terry Austin (page 7); Steve Ditko (page 13); Joe Sinnott (page 14), Steve Ditko
Story Colors Tom Smith, Tom Smith Tom Smith
Story Letters Lois Buhalis, Mike Royer, Don Simpson, typeset, typeset
Cover Colors N/A
Cover Inks N/A
Cover Letters N/A
Cover Artist N/A
Story Characters Satan's Six [Brian Bluedragon; Dezira; Dr. Mordius; Kuga, The Lion-Killer; Hard Luck Harrigan; Frightful]; Odious Kamodious, Satan's Six [Brian Bluedragon (a belligerent knight from Camelot); Dezira (a dizzy dancer from Babylon); Dr. Mordius (a 19th century mad scientist); Kuga, The Lion-Killer (a pacificst hunter from Africa); Hard Luck Harrigan (a small-time bookie)]; Odious Kamodious; Pristine (a guardian angel); "Joe" (a new angel); Cerebus; King Arthur (flashback to Brian's previous life); Satan; Nargav (a minor demon); Sucnip (a minor demon); Virus (the hacker from Hell); Frightful, Satan's Six [Brian Bluedragon; Dezira; Dr. Mordius; Kuga, The Lion-Killer; Hard Luck Harrigan; Frightful]; Odious Kamodious, Professor Griswell; Griswold's demon; Alanna Wolff; Jeff Byrd
Synopsis Tired of living in Limbo, 5 souls who are too bad to go to Heaven but too good to go to Hell make a deal with Odious Kamodious: go to Earth and secure human souls for Satan and they will be released from Limbo. Of course, corrupting humans for Satan will assure them a place in Hell. So Pristine, a guardian angel with a mean streak, watches over the team to make sure they only help people. On Earth the five -- Brian Bluedragon, Dezire, Kuga, Dr. Mordius, and Hard Luck Harrigan -- are joined by Frightful, a demon from Hell, to help in their assignments. Professor Griswold summons a demon do to his bidding, but he soon finds himself being sued by Wolff & Byrd, supernatural lawyers.
Dimensions Standard Modern Age U.S.
Print Date April 1993
Reprint? No
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