Superman #654

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Publisher DC
Brand DC (swirl)
Condition VF/NM
Issue Number 654
Writer/Script Kurt Busiek, Dan Didio, Ty Templeton
Story Artist Carlos Pacheco (signed), Carlos Pacheco, Steve Scott
Story Inks Jesus Merino (signed), Jesus Merino, Nathan Massengill
Story Colors Dave Stewart, Dave Stewart, Carrie Strachan
Story Letters typeset, Comicraft, typeset, Nick J. Napolitano
Cover Colors N/A
Cover Inks N/A
Cover Letters N/A
Cover Artist N/A
Story Characters Superman [Clark Kent; Kal-El], Superman [Clark Kent; Kal-El]; Neutron; Lois Lane; Perry White; Jimmy Olsen (cameo); Lana Lang (photo); Dr. Callie Llewellyn (cameo); The Technology Squad; Intergang Camouflage Squad; Gator Squad (cameo); Bruno "Ugly" Mannheim; Ed Byrnes (cameo); Colonel Sorokin (cameo); catastrosphere
Synopsis Lois wakes up to find no Clark, but a half-started special breakfast. Meantime, Superman is busy fighting Neutron, who is planting energy globes for Intergang. After defeating him with the help of the Technology Squad, he appears as Clark at the Daily Planet, late for the staff meeting. Perry tells him that there are two important stories to cover: Lana Lang is about to be named head of LexCorp, and arcanobiologist Dr. Carolyn Llewellyn wants Clark to cover a hush-hush project of hers in Kazakhstan. But he will only give these plum assignments to Clark if he covers all "crappy" assignments that no one else wants to do in one day. Clark agrees, and also agrees to meet Lois for an anniversary lunch. Clark tries to cover the assignments, but keeps getting interrupted by more teams planting the energy globes, even missing lunch because of Prankster's giant electrified popcorn. He writes up some of the notes, but then realizes the energy globes are duplicating a pulse that matches Mannheim's pulse. He tracks that to a building, crashes in, and finds a huge Mannheim, holding a core catastrosphere. Superman kicks it away. Superman tries to get from Mannheim what happened to him, but he won't talk, and teleports away. Clark finally returns to the Planet, too late to file all the stories, and goes home. Lois greets him, and lets him know that she finished all the articles for him, based on his notes and a few phone calls. They then celebrate their anniversary, 12 years since their first flight together.
Dimensions standard Modern Age US
Print Date September 2006
Reprint? No
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