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Tales of the Green Hornet #2

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Publisher Now
Brand Now Comics
Condition VF
Series or Volume Number 2
Issue Number 2
Writer/Script James Van Hise, ()
Story Artist Dell Barras, Dell Barras
Story Inks June Micu (), John Stangeland
Story Colors June Micu (), Suzanne Dechnik; Patrick Williams, ()
Story Letters Patrick Williams, Typeset
Cover Colors N/A
Cover Inks N/A
Cover Letters N/A
Cover Artist N/A
Story Characters Green Hornet I; Kato I, Green Hornet I [Britt Reid I]; Kato I [Ikano Kato]; Dan Reid; Sentinel reporter Ed Lowry; Two anonymous Sentinel reporters; Various anonymous thugs, and one called "Mr. Torch"; Judy Conner; A hospital's emergency room staff; The hospital's front desk attendant/nurse; A police desk sergeant; Geoffrey Lancaster, real estate investor and protection racket boss; Vincent, Lancaster's aide
Synopsis Another symbolic splash page. 1936 [according to sequence 2, below]: Despite the agreed upon compromise, Ikano works for Britt I as a manservant, much to the latter's displeasure. Daniel Reid "retires" and makes his son the Publisher of the Sentinel. One of his first decisions is to set up a sting operation against the protection racket, by having two reporters, under phony names, open a newsstand, and they are indeed soon approached. That very night, Britt and Ikano discuss the special car Kato has designed and built secretly in a warehouse near, but seemingly separate from, their townhouse (both, says Britt, were originally the property of a prohibition-era bootlegger, who had included a concealed passageway directly connecting the two). Going into the warehouse and looking at the car, which Britt says is a beauty, they discuss the possibility of disguising themselves and using the vehicle and its very unusual attributes to fight the gangs. When Britt hears the car's horn, it sounds to him just like a giant green hornet he encountered on a trip into the African jungle, inspiring his choice of disguise/cover name. Ikano then shows him another of his inventions, a gun that fires pellets of sleeping gas, which Britt decides is a perfect, non-lethal weapon. The next time the thugs approach the phony newsstand, Reid and Ikano, wearing their new disguises and sitting in Kato's car, watch from a dark alleyway. They follow the crooks, who surprisingly stop at another small business, where one man lights a molotov cocktail and throws it through a window. As the thugs attempt to drive away, the Green Hornet fires sleep gas into their car, which crashes. However, a woman runs out of the store in flames, changing the heroes' priorities. The Hornet smothers her fire with his overcoat, and the two rush her to a hospital, while police pick up the thugs, who are surprisingly unhurt. The next day, when Sentinel reporter Ed Lowry goes to the hospital to interview the woman, Judy Conner, he finds that she's been transferred "to a private sanitorium" by her brother, but Lowry knows she doesn't have one! A disguised Britt puts up bail for the hood called Torch, and the Hornet and Kato follow him to his boss, respected investor Geoffrey Lancaster. The Hornet and Kato force entry into his penthouse, and for the first time demand partnership in someone's criminal operation. A police siren outside causes a distraction, giving Lancaster the chance to jump the Hornet. In the fight, he picks up a small table with which to strike the masked man, but rears back too far and falls through a window to his death. The authorities rule it murder, and name the "mysterious Green Hornet" their suspect.
Dimensions standard Modern Age US
Print Date February 1992
Reprint? No
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