The Witchblade Collected Edition #4

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Brand Top Cow Comics; Image
Condition VF/NM
Series or Volume Number 1
Issue Number 4
Writer/Script David Wohl; Christina Z; Michael Turner; D-Tron; Jonathan D. Smith, David Wohl (co-plot); Michael Turner (co-plot); Christina Z., David Wohl; Christina Z; Michael Turner (co-plot)
Story Artist Michael Turner, Michael Turner, Michael Turner, Michael Turner (signed), Michael Turner
Story Inks D-Tron; Team Tron [Jose Guillen; Anthony Pompa; Viet Truong; John DiRito], D-Tron, D-Tron; Team Tron [Jose Guillen; Anthony Pompa; Viet Truong], D-Tron (signed), D-Tron
Story Colors Jonathan D. Smith, Jonathan D. Smith, Jonathan D. Smith, Jonathan D. Smith (signed), Jonathan D. Smith
Story Letters Typeset, Dennis Heisler, Dennis Heisler
Story Characters Witchblade [Sara Pezzini]; GUESTS: Jake McCarthy; Ian Nottingham; VILLAIN: Kenneth Irons; CAMEO FLASHBACK: Michael Yee, Witchblade [Sara Pezzini]; Ian Nottingham; Kenneth Irons, Witchblade [Sara Pezzini]; GUESTS: Jake McCarthy; Joe Siry; Lisa Buzanis; Selzer; Dannette Boucher; Julie Pezzini; VILLAINS: Kenneth Irons; Ian Nottingham, Witchblade [Sara Pezzini], Witchblade [Sara Pezzini]; Kenneth Irons; Ian Nottingham; Lisa Buzanis; Jake McCarthy
Synopsis With Sara's spirit broken, Irons prepares to take the Witchblade from her with the help of Nottingham. Ian rebels and attacks his boss but Irons cuts him down. Irons completes the transfer and wields the Witchblade but, when Jake arrives and is brutalized by the villain, Sara finds the strength within herself to fight back and regain the Witchblade. Irons begs her to kill him but Sara refuses, so he takes matters into his own hands by leaping to his apparent death. Julie and Lisa fall further under the spell of Dannette. Jake discovers that business mogul Kenneth Irons is really a major figure in organized crime. He follows Kenneth and Sara to a fancy charity event at the Church of Prosperity and confronts Sara with this information. Sara accuses him of stalking her and dismisses his accusations. Kenneth and Sara fight about the scene she caused at the party and Irons calls in Ian to "take care" of her.
Dimensions standard Modern Age US
Print Date November 1996
Reprint? No
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