Thor #427

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Publisher Marvel
Brand Marvel Comics
Condition VF/NM
Series or Volume Number 1
Issue Number 427
Writer/Script Ron Frenz (plot); Tom DeFalco (plot and script),
Story Artist Ron Frenz (signed), Ron Frenz (layouts)
Story Inks Joe Sinnott (signed), Joe Sinnott (finished art)
Story Colors Nel Yomtov; Mike Rockwitz
Story Letters Mike Heisler, typeset
Cover Colors N/A
Cover Inks N/A
Cover Letters N/A
Cover Artist N/A
Story Characters Thor [Eric Masterson]; Excalibur [Captain Britain; Meggan; Phoenix [Rachel Summers]; Nightcrawler; Kitty Pryde]; Juggernaut, Thor [Eric Masterson; also as Juggernaut]; Captain America [Steve Rogers]; Excalibur [Captain Britain; Meggan; Phoenix [Rachel Summers]; Nightcrawler; Kitty Pryde; Lockheed]; Dr. Strange (cameo); Spider-Man (cameo); Quasar (cameo); Code Blue [Lt. Marcus Stone; Margarita "Rigger" Ruiz; Julius Anthony "Mad Dog" Rassitano; Daniel "Fireworks" Fielstein; Jock Jackson; Samuel "Mother" Majowski]; Jackie Lukus; Jim Lukus; Kevin Masterson; Susan Austin; Villains: The Wrecking Crew [Wrecker; Thunderball; Bulldozer; Piledriver]; The Enchantress; Ulik; Loki
Synopsis Thor returns to earth and immediately begins to take care of Eric Masterson's personal business. The British government sends Excalibur to America to apprehend the Juggernaut. Fed up with the instability of the Wrecker, Enchantress sends out an Asgardian beacon to lure him into a trap. All parties, Thor, Excalibur and the Wrecking Crew, converge on the beacon and begin to battle. The Wrecker uses his Asgardian power to make Excalibur see Thor as their prey, the Juggernaut, and Kitty phases him into the roof.
Dimensions Standard Modern Age U.S.
Print Date December 1990
Reprint? No
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