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Treehouse of Horror #9

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Publisher Bongo
Brand Bongo Comics Group
Condition VF/NM
Issue Number 9
Writer/Script Ian Boothby, Paul Dini, Gary Spencer Millidge
Story Artist Bill Morrison (signed), Dan Brereton, Dan Brereton, Gary Spencer Millidge, Phil Noto (signed)
Story Inks Bill Morrison (signed), Dan Brereton, Ted Naifeh, Gary Spencer Millidge, Phil Noto (signed)
Story Colors Dan Brereton, Nathan Kane, Nathan Kane, Phil Noto (signed)
Story Letters Karen Bates, Karen Bates, Gary Spencer Millidge, Phil Noto
Cover Colors N/A
Cover Inks N/A
Cover Letters N/A
Cover Artist N/A
Story Characters Homer Simpson; Bart Simpson, Homer Simpson; Marge Simpson; Bart Simpson; Lisa Simpson; Maggie Simpson; The Fellowship [Sam Gamgee; Frodo Baggins; Gandalf the Grey; Aragorn; Legolas Greenleaf; Gimli; Peregrin 'Pippin' Took]; Saruman: Gollum; Sauron, Homer Simpson; Moe Szyslak; Bart Simpson; Lisa Simpson; Maggie Simpson; Carl; Lenny; Barney Gumble (deceased); Comic Book Guy; Mr. Burns [Charles Montgomery Burns]; Waylon Smithers; Herman; Dr. Marvin Monroe (dies), Inspector Abberline Simpson; Margie Kelly; Reverend Lovejoy; Lurleen Nicholls (dies); Joe Diamond [Joe Quimby]; Number One; Chief Wiggum; Officer Lou; Officer Eddie; Moe Szyslak; Barney Gumble; Luanne Eddowes (dies); Sir William 'Gully' Burns [Jack the Ripper]; Waylon Smithers; John Merrick [the Elephant Man]; Dr. Farrell Monroe; Edna Chapman (dies); Doris (dies), Marge Simpson; Bart Simpson
Synopsis Dan Brereton joins forces with Ian Boothby to paint a tale of a small resolute band of nine, all on a mission to rid Middle Earth of an unspeakable evil. Suddenly, the Simpsons show up and the fellowship is broken. [per solicitation] Paul Dini spins a scary story of murder, torture, and revenge as Moe exacts a pound of flesh from Homer. Gary Spencer Millidge visits merry olde England for a rippingly uproarious and bloodily delirious take on the most famous serial killer of all time. [per solicitation]
Dimensions Standard Modern Age U.S.
Print Date [September] 2003
Reprint? No
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