X-Factor #27

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Publisher Marvel
Brand Marvel (white on red)
Notes spine tics
Condition FN
Issue Number 27
Writer/Script Peter David
Story Artist David Finch (signed), Scot Eaton, David Finch; Marc Silvestri
Story Inks David Finch (signed), John Dell; Andrew Hennessy; Dave Meikis, David Finch; Joe Weems
Story Colors Dave McCaig, Brian Reber, Dave McCaig; Frank D'Armata
Story Letters Typeset, typeset, Cory Petit, typeset
Cover Colors N/A
Cover Inks N/A
Cover Letters N/A
Cover Artist N/A
Story Characters Gambit [Remy LeBeau]; Professor X [Charles Xavier]; Cable [Nathan Summers]; X-Factor [Layla Miller; Jamie Madrox [Multiple Man]]; Mr. Sinister [Nathaniel Essex], X-Factor [M [Monet St. Croix]; Multiple Man [Jamie Madrox]; Layla Miller; Siryn [Theresa Rourke Cassidy]; Strong Guy [Guido Carosella]]; X-Force [Warpath [James Proudstar]; Wolverine [Logan; James Howlett]; Hepzibah; Wolfsbane [Rahne Sinclair]; X-23 [Laura Kinney]]; Cable [Nathan Summers]; Hope; Professor X [Charles Xavier]; Bishop [Lucas Bishop] (also as child in the future); X-Men [Cyclops [Scott Summers]; White Queen [Emma Frost]]; Forge; Stepford Cuckoos [Celeste Cuckoo; Mindee Cuckoo; Phoebe Cuckoo]; New X-Men [Dust [Sooraya Qadir]; Mercury [Cessily Kincaid]; Rockslide [Santo Vaccarro]]; VILLAINS: Predator X; Marauders [Gambit [Remy LeBeau]; Lady Mastermind [Regan Wyngarde]; Malice [Omega Sentinel]; Mystique [as Mr. Sinister]; Riptide [Janos Quested]; Scalphunter [John Greycrow]; Sunfire [Shiro Yoshida]; Vertigo]; Acolyte [Exodus [Bennet du Parris]; Frenzy [Joanna Cargill]; Random [Marshall Evan Stone III]; Tempo [Heather Tucker]; Carmella Unuscione]
Synopsis The death of an X-Man reveals answers to some of the mysteries surrounding the new mutant, and creates a host of questions. The baby falls into the hands of a major player in the conflict, but things aren't always as they seem. And it's high noon for X-Force, the Marauders and the X-Men. [per solicitation]
Dimensions Standard Modern Age U.S.
Print Date March 2008
Reprint? No
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